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How Do I Change the Preferred URL for Site Pages?

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on March 22, 2022     0 Comments

When users click an Ingeniux CMS site page, I want a different URL to display as the canonical URL aside from the default. How do I change the preferred URL for a site page?

Users can change the preferred URL for a site page by selecting the Set URL checkbox in the page’s URL Management Properties.

To set the URL for a site page:

  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select the page, and click the Properties tab in the main pane.
    URL Management Properties
  3. Select URL Management in the Options menu.
  4. In the URL Settings for drop-down list, select the publishing target where the URL change will apply.

    Note: Publishing targets only display in this list if the page is marked for publish to that target. See URL Management for details to add and remove URLs associated with the site page.

    Site Page URL Settings for Publishing Target
  5. Select the Set URL checkbox associated with your preferred URL.
    Set URL of Site Page
  6. Publish the change to the publishing target associated with your new URL Management Properties settings.

    The system will redirect site visitors to your preferred (i.e., canonical) URL after the publish completes.

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