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Where Can I Find Workflow History Details for Individual Pages?

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on April 12, 2022     0 Comments

I want to view workflow history details for an individual page in the Ingeniux CMS Site Tree. Where can I view workflow history reports for individual pages?

Users can view Workflow History for a page via the Site Tree context menu.

Important: Users can only access a page’s Workflow History if the page is associated with a workflow. After the page leaves the workflow, then its Workflow History becomes unavailable.

To access Workflow History:

  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
    Workflow History in Site Tree Context Menu
  2. Right-click the content item associated with the workflow in the Site Tree, and select Show Workflow History.

    The Workflow History for the selected content item displays in a new browser window.
    Workflow History

    Note: Workflow History displays the following details about the page’s past transitions and workstates.
    • Time: The time and date when the user advanced the content item in the workflow.
    • Transition: The name of the workflow transition that the user selected when they advanced the content item.
    • Work State: The name of the workstate associated with the transition.
    • Assigned By: The user who advanced the content item.
    • Assigned To: The user assigned to the content item during the transition. If a user group was assigned to the content item instead of an individual group member, then the Assigned To value displays as empty.
    • Comments: Workflow-related comments that the Assigned By user provided in the Advance Workflow dialog when they executed the transition.

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