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Where Can I View Reports for Individual Workflows?

Tessa Reininger | Ingeniux

on April 25, 2022     0 Comments

When I open Reports in Workflows Designer, Ingeniux CMS provides data for all existing workflows within my CMS instance. Where can I view reports for individual workflows?

Administrators can view reports for individual workflows by clicking the Select drop-down list in the Reports area of Administration > Workflows Designer.

These reports provide details about content items currently associated with the workflow. Details about each content item include the item’s ID, current workstate, user assignment, and more.

To view individual workflow reports:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Workflows Designer.
  2. Click Reports in the Workflows Designer toolbar.
    Workflow Reports Button

    The Reports toolbar and a list of all content items associated with workflows displays.
  3. Click Select in the Reports toolbar, and choose an individual workflow in the drop-down list.
    Select Workflow Report

    A list of content items associated with the selected workflow displays.
    Content Items in Workflow
  4. Optional: Click Export in the Reports toolbar to download a copy of the data in an .xls file format to your local machine.
    Export Workflow Report Button

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