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Asset Management Tips and Tricks

Each lesson in this series covers a tip or best practice for working with assets in the Ingeniux CMS Asset Management System. 

In developing this series, we consulted our local Ingeniux experts to come up with their recommendations for successful asset management in the Ingeniux CMS platform.

Define Organization Structure Early (And Stick to It)

Before you begin uploading new assets to the CMS, plan out the organization structure of the Asset Tree. Learn more about how to achieve this best practice. 

Set Security on Assets

Learn how to set up security groups and use them to show folders to users who need to access them, while hiding folders from other departments that they won’t need to see them. 

Use Copy/Paste to Auto-Apply Settings

Once you’ve set the desired security and settings on a folder, you can copy/paste that folder to create a new folder with the same security and settings. This will save you time as you build out your asset tree with the required security and settings. 

Use Find/Replace to Remove Unused Assetes

Learn how to use the find and replace tool to search for unused assets by asset folder.

Avoid Overly Large Files (When Possible)

Overly large files slow down page load times and can result in a poor user experience. Learn about our best practices for uploading files to the Asset Manager.

Search by Schema Data

Learn how to use the internal CMS search tool to search through all of the fields in your schema data.

  • Product: CMS
  • Version: CMS 10
  • Release: 10.3
  • User Type: Administrator, Business Analyst, Content Manager
  • Duration: 6 Lessons