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Implementing a Partial Website in Ingeniux CMS 10.3

Follow along as we demonstrate how to implement a website in Ingeniux CMS 10.3.

Viewers will learn how to install the CMS software, understand a technical specification document, implement a Home Page, and set up a DSS publishing target.

This series is geared toward developers who have experience working in Ingeniux CMS and have attended Ingeniux developer training. For more information on available developer training courses, visit the training section of the support portal

Part One: Installing a CMS

In this web tutorial we walk through the installation of the Ingeniux CMS in our developer environment.

Part Two: Home Page Specification and Schema Creation 

Planning and specification process for a Home page of the tutorial website, and creation of the schema in the Ingeniux CMS.

Part Three: MVC Implementation of Home Page

In this tutorial we stand up our development project and implement the previously created home page in MVC.

Part Four: Setting Up a DSS, Publishing, and Replication 

In this web tutorial we will install a DSS, set up publishing and replication from the CMS, and run some test publishing to test the setup.

  • Product: CMS
  • Version: CMS 10
  • Release: 10.3
  • User Type: Administrator, Developer
  • Duration: 4 lessons