Knowledge Base

Reporting Tips and Tricks

Each lesson in this series covers a tip or best practice for using reporting features in the Ingeniux CMS platform. 

In developing this series, we consulted our local Ingeniux experts to bring you solid recommendations for success in Ingeniux CMS when working with reporting features. 

Where to Find Reporting Features in Ingeniux CMS

There are four different places in Ingeniux CMS where reporting features can be used. We demonstrate where to find each of them and what they do. 

Schedule Reports

Scheduling tools in the CMS can help you remember to run reports. Learn how to schedule reports in the Administration section of the platform. 

Write Efficient Queries

Learn best practices for writing the XPATH for a report in the CMS.

Use Unique Schema Names

Learn best practices for naming schemas that will help you run effective reports. 

Split Up Content with Workflows

Find out how to create multiple workflows to separate different types of content. This will help you use the reporting tool to mass-transition relevant items through workflow. 

  • Product: CMS
  • Version: CMS 10
  • Release: 10.3
  • User Type: Administrator, Business Analyst
  • Duration: 5 Lessons