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Schema Designer Tips and Tricks

Each of the lessons below covers tips or best practices for preparing for and using Schema Designer in Ingeniux CMS. 

Plan Naming Conventions in Advance

Learn why it's important to plan naming conventions before you begin building out your schemas. 

Create a Template Schema

Learn why it'll make your job easier to create and work from a template schema.

Create Favorites

Learn how to use the favorites feature in Schema Designer, and how it'll help you save time.

Test Schemas in Dev Before Prod

Learn why it's important to test schemas in your development environment prior to testing in your production environment.

Remove Unused Schemas

Learn how to remove unused schemas.

Edit Schemas en Masse

Learn how to save time and energy by making changes to schemas en masse.

  • Product: CMS
  • Version: CMS 10
  • Release: 10.3
  • User Type: Administrator, Business Analyst
  • Published: October 25, 2021