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Workflow Tips and Tricks

Each lesson below demonstrates a tip or best practice for working with Workflow in Ingeniux CMS. 

Utilize Loops to Return to a Previous Workstate

By creating a transition that loops back to the same workstate and keeps the content item in the same group/person’s hands you can give the opportunity for the users to do actions to the item without losing possession of it.

Bridge to Other Workflow Items

Using the bridge action on a transition moves the content item from one workflow to another. If you have a complex process you can use this ability to split your processes up into smaller workflows that are easier to manage from an administrator’s perspective.

Flip It and Reverse It

Employ this hack on content that's already been published but needs to get back into Workflow. This sometimes happens when Administrators work on content and publish it out, then need the content to be edited by content authors who work in Workflow. 

  • Product: CMS
  • Version: CMS 10
  • Release: 10.3
  • User Type: Administrator, Business Analyst, Content Manager
  • Published: December 13, 2021