Ingeniux CMS 10.5

Ingeniux is pleased to announce the availability of Ingeniux CMS 10.5, which includes 257 software updates. Major updates are highlighted below and a complete description of all changes is available in the Ingeniux CMS Version 10.5 Release Notes.

Ingeniux is proud to announce the availability of Ingeniux CMS 10.5, which is now available to customers now for download and installation.

Ingeniux CMS 10.5 includes 257 updates to the product. Highlights from the release are provided here. A full list of changes is available in the Ingeniux CMS 10.5 Release Notes.

Ingeniux CMS 10.5 Key Enhancements

  • Database Upgrade to RavenDB 4.2
    • Content Store database now runs as a Windows .NET Core Service.
    • Improved publishing completion speeds.
  • Ingeniux CMS has upgraded its security model to include certificates that perform behind-the-scenes operations (e.g., data encryption on disk, SSL resolution). In version 10.5, all authentication is accomplished through certificates. See CMS 10.5 Installation and Upgrades and RavenDB Certificates for configuration details.
  • Site Migrator can now package managed and external assets via asset folders. Assets can be packaged with or without Site pages.
  • Now users can limit the number of asset schema versions and set maximum storage quotas on asset schemas.
  • Microsoft Azure Application Insights
    • Added custom metrics and events via Application Insights to track the performance of CMS actions in different environments.
    • Developers can now connect Ingeniux CMS to a Microsoft Azure Application Insights profile to monitor basic application performance metrics.
  • Added option to specify 302 temporary redirects via the Redirects application.
  • Added the Download button to the toolbar in the asset folder view to download selected assets.
  • Localization now allows administrators to add definitions for asset schemas.
  • Translate tab now compares the current master page version to the last finalized master version and then displays the differences. This tool helps translators to know what changed in the master lingual map since the last finalized clone translation.
  • Improved user experience by adding favorites icon to title bars of content items. Also, users can now add a/IDs and af/IDs to Favorites from Dashboard. Assets are now visible in the In Progress area of the Dashboard.
  • Added new option in System Options to provide administrators with ability to run publishes with or without local exports. Note that the CMS disables local exports for new sites by default.
  • In the Publish dialog, users can now select publishing profiles in addition to individual publishing targets when executing a publish.
  • CMS administrators and developers can now view (read-only) and download a copy of CustomHooks.cs in Administration > Maintenance.
  • Added WorldView Paste As Clone Without Children functionality.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Review the appropriate System Requirements for your configuration.
  2. Review the Ingeniux CMS 10.5 Release Notes.
  3. Review the Ingeniux CMS 10.5 Installation Guide.
  4. Download the CMS 10.5 Release.
  5. Evaluate CMS 10.5 in a test environment.
  6. Deploy CMS 10.5 to production.

Ingeniux CMS OnDemand Customers

Ingeniux CMS OnDemand or customers who are currently hosted by Ingeniux will receive communication from Ingeniux Support with regards to the CMS 10.5 upgrade process.

Additional Questions

Please contact Ingeniux Support at or 1.877.299.8900 if you have any questions regarding the software download. Your Ingeniux Account Manager is also available to work with your organization to determine the optimal plan to implement CMS 10.5 in your environment.