CMS 10.5 Release Notes

This detailed summary overview of the Ingeniux CMS 10.5 release includes recent and historical software updates, areas in the platform that have been improved, and upgrade information.

Release Summary

Ingeniux CMS 10.5 introduces new database architecture, Site Migrator asset packaging, Microsoft Azure Application Insights integration, and other updates.

Release History

  • March 10, 2023 - Build 10.5.147
  • February 23, 2023 - Build 10.5.146
  • August 25, 2022 - Build 10.5.128
  • February 28, 2022 - Build 10.5.114
  • August 09, 2021 - Build 10.5.94 Initial Release

Build 10.5.147 Updates

  • Page Properties Usage information would not update to show xIDs referenced within XHTML elements.
  • Newly created Custom URLs that contained multiple forward-slashes would have the inner slashes removed from the path on save.
  • WorkflowClientParameters used in Custom Workflow Actions did not provide a method to get Assets transitioned through a workflow.

Build 10.5.146 Updates

  • Updated Google Analytics in the CMS to support their Google's updated Analytics OAuth method. Google deprecated their previous analytics authentication method that was used in the CMS. More information can be found in the following known issue statement.
  • An issue blocked CMS logins on browsers that were set to a language other than US English. Users can now successfully log in to the CMS, no matter the browser language.
  • Applied fixes around site control cache and navigation cache rebuild scenarios on the DSS site. Updated navigations did not contain expected content or, in edge cases, were missing from a page.
  • Resolved "Invalid or null session for this manager" errors that displayed when viewing users with assignments in the Users Manager.
  • Workflow notification emails sometimes did not contain the CMS site base URL for links within the message body. The links now contain the URL.
  • Unmarked assets within legacy asset folder locations (Documents, Images, Media) returned a 200 response on the DSS server if the published asset files still existed on the server. They now return a 404 response when requested.
  • Fixed issue where, if asset names contained invalid Windows file system characters, the CMS threw a fatal error on publish and replication.

Build 10.5.128 Updates

  • The DSS Runtime API (RTAPI) now only checks for a valid license key when its application pool starts and will create a log entry of any license validation issues.
  • Certain CMS publishing target configurations would cause upgraded sites to generate incorrect Structured URL paths on content items after publishes.
  • After upgrading to 10.5.114, asset file extensions would sometimes be missing if the asset was given a -1 value for its _PublishingTargetMarkings key in RavenDB.
  • Navigations would not show updated changes in its navigation content on initial publish of those changes to the DSS.
  • Taxonomy and asset taxonomy navigations would not be updated with the correct value of the pageCount attribute on the DSS.
  • References navigation element would throw Raven.Client.Exceptions.RavenException error when attempting to selected related items.
  • Content items that are untagged from a category would still display in a taxonomy navigation after a single-page publish. Prior to this fix, the workaround was to run a site incremental publish.
  • In-place CMS upgrades would fail when run against CMS sites with asset security descriptors.
  • Attempting to view a large list of assigned content items for a group caused the CMS to become unresponsive.
  • Checking out an asset folder that contained a period in the name would truncate the folder name.
  • Searching for a component by name in the Component Picker modal threw an error if no component schema was selected beforehand.
  • DSS Preview XML data would not show an asset's extension unless the asset was marked for publish.
  • Administrators were unable to save new Azure Replication Profiles in the CMS.
  • Files would not have the correct content type set when replicating to an Azure replication target.
  • Updated Log4Net to 2.0.14 in the CMS project. Updated SharpZipLib to 1.3.3 in the CMS project.
  • RavenDB updated to 5.2.101.

Build 10.5.114 Updates

  • Upgrades from 10.3 and below to 10.5 would not complete on Windows Server 2012 environments because RavenDB was run as Local Service. The upgrader now has an option to select Local System to bypass this issue on the affected environments.
  • Upgrades from CMS 10.1/10.2 to 10.5 would throw an error due to the MarkedContentItemsByPublishingTarget index missing from the database.
  • Users would receive a permission error when attempting to use Page Creation Rules after upgrading from 10.3.176 to 10.5.94.
  • Connection strings between the CMS and DSS Preview would not match after upgrades or setups from site exports if the site was configured for certificate thumbprint use.
  • Site Setups will now check any stopped CMS RavenDB services to ensure there are no overlapped port assignments.
  • An error would occur when attempting to upgrade a blank CMS site with the Backup Raven Database option enabled.
  • Empty results or a null reference error occurred when users attempted to run Reports within the CMS.
  • The CSAPI Path method contained two default parameters. The CSAPI Path method contains one default parameter now.
  • Ingeniux CMS Site Wizard upgrader would fail if the database was previously configured on a separate disk on the same CMS server.
  • Changes to the Site Base URL value on the Publishing Target configuration would not update the reference.xml file after incremental publishes.
  • Renamed Assets would return a 404 response on the DSS after publishing.
  • Hidden field values on embedded components would revert to the schema's default values when a non-admin made edits to the component.
  • Link elements returned empty on DSS Preview due to a sliding cache expiration timeout that prevented cached values from refreshing.
  • Users with only read-access permissions to a content item could still rename them via the toolbar button.
  • Removed an extra ">" character in the UI when selecting a Page Creation Rule.
  • Addressed an issue where the DSS failed to render if the CMS could not communicate with the Ingeniux licensing endpoint.
  • Configuration property in CMSWebAPIControllerBase class would override access to the HTTP Configuration base class.
  • Updated references for dotless.Core from to
  • Included various updates for CMS REST endpoints.


  • For DSS Preview project upgrades in CMS 10.5.128+: When upgrading the DSS Preview project to 10.5.128+, dependency conflicts may occur during the upgrade process related to an update in RavenDB packages. Restore the RavenDB.Client 5.2.101 NuGet package to resolve these conflicts.

    See Restoring RavenDB.Client 5.2.101 NuGet Package for details.

  • As of build 10.5.128: Upgrading to 10.5.128 will no longer automatically rebuild the DSS/DSS Preview solutions during the upgrader process. It is recommended to manually rebuild your DSS projects with Visual Studio moving forward.

  • Breaking Change: Prior to 10.5, the Custom Hooks method OnPublishComplete failed if an error or cancellation occurs during a publish operation. In the CMS 10.5 update, the OnPublishComplete method always executes, even after a publish interruption. Developers who relied on the previous behavior in their Custom Hooks code must update their code to account for this change.

  • Ingeniux CMS has upgraded its security model to include certificates that perform behind-the-scenes operations (e.g., data encryption on disk, SSL resolution). In version 10.5, all authentication is accomplished through certificates.

    See CMS 10.5 Installation and Upgrades and RavenDB Certificates for configuration details.

  • Customers who have created Custom Tabs / Applications will need to check these projects to ensure that they update Microsoft Sytem.Web.MVC to version 5.2.7 prior to upgrade. In addition, Custom Hook or Custom Tab/App implementations that leverage the RavenDB 3.5 client library for low-level API calls will need to update their projects for RavenDB 5.2 client libraries as of build 10.5.128, which will involve updates to code in order to ensure that updated methods are used as well.

Key Enhancements

  • Database Upgrade to RavenDB 4.2 (RavenDB 5.2 as of build 10.5.128)
    • Content Store database now runs as a Windows .NET Core Service.
    • Improved publishing completion speeds.
  • Site Migrator can now package managed and external assets via asset folders. Assets can be packaged with or without Site pages.
  • Now users can limit the number of asset schema versions and set maximum storage quotas on asset schemas.
  • Microsoft Azure Application Insights
    • Added custom metrics and events via Application Insights to track the performance of CMS actions in different environments.
    • Developers can now connect Ingeniux CMS to a Microsoft Azure Application Insights profile to monitor basic application performance metrics.
  • Added option to specify 302 temporary redirects via the Redirects application.
  • Added the Download button to the toolbar in the asset folder view to download selected assets.
  • Localization now allows administrators to add definitions for asset schemas.
  • Translate tab now compares the current master page version to the last finalized master version and then displays the differences. This tool helps translators to know what changed in the master lingual map since the last finalized clone translation.
  • Improved user experience by adding favorites icon to title bars of content items. Also, users can now add a/IDs and af/IDs to Favorites from Dashboard. Assets are now visible in the In Progress area of the Dashboard.
  • Added new option in System Options to provide administrators with ability to run publishes with or without local exports. Note that the CMS disables local exports for new sites by default.
  • In the Publish dialog, users can now select publishing profiles in addition to individual publishing targets when executing a publish.
  • CMS administrators and developers can now view (read-only) and download a copy of CustomHooks.cs in Administration > Maintenance.
  • Added WorldView Paste As Clone Without Children functionality.


  • The CMS version number of the current build now displays within the CSAPI logs.
  • Improved memory statistics in Administration > Maintenance > Database Stats for customers who upgrade to RavenDB 4.2.
  • Enhanced accuracy of progress bar percentages for active publishes and replications in Publishing Monitor.
  • Implemented Angular updates for the InSite Search Configuration UI.
  • Refactored how RavenDB stores publishing and replication logs by compressing entries into JSON attachments. These attachments link to the most recent publishing/replication logs via tracking documents.
  • Updated various localization strings for the CMS UI.
  • Various improvements and fixes have been made to the Site Tree and Asset Tree UI.
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to version 4.9.5.
  • Updated the Localization UI to use Angular.
  • Updated the CLI installer to support CMS 10.5 options.
  • Updated cryptography methods in the CMS. Blowfish is no longer used.
  • Added Clear button to remove schema thumbnails in Schema Designer.
  • DSS now responds to OPTIONS requests in a pipeline independent of GET requests.
  • Publishing history now tracks the first published date and time of each content item.
  • Users can now open the Edit your Profile dialog by hovering over their profile photo in the Dashboard.
  • Integrated PageBuilder element editing into In-Context Editing (ICE).
  • Added the Schema column to Workflow Reports. This column lists the schema type of each content item in the workflow.
  • Users can now exit Assets Manager's Create Asset flyout area by clicking the Close button.
  • Added the Required Alt Text on Images checkbox to asset elements in Schema Designer. When the checkbox is selected and when the asset element contains an image value, the element requires content contributors to enter alt text before checking in the content item.
  • Document links now include last modified value of asset objects in the XML. This improvement helps administrators to determine if associated assets have changed.
  • Go to search results now indicate if pages reside in the Recycle Folder via strikethrough styling. This improvement will help to determine the locations of identically or similarly named pages.
  • In Workflows Designer, administrators can now set Self as the Default User for workflow transitions. If selected, the name of the user who is advancing the content item displays as the top list item choice in the Advance Workflow dialog's Assign To drop-down list.
  • If your site requires local exports, enable this option after upgrade.
  • Creating Page Builder presentations would replace the attach-point node, so any associated CSS classes would be lost. Now Page Builder preserves these CSS classes.
  • Asset schema metadata in custom lists now populate XMP files during serialization and subsequent publish.
  • Content Freeze notification emails now include the CMS Application Name in the message body.
  • Improved Page Builder so administrators can now restrict its Presentation Content Units (PCUs) to specific schemas (in addition to parent page restriction).
  • Added a component name attribute (ComponentName) for expanded component elements.
  • When cropping image assets, users can now view the new dimensions before confirming the change.
  • Changed DEBUG log level to INFO for page Publish Management term dates and Advanced settings, locale settings, and security inheritance descriptors.
  • When administrators select the Create/Edit view to create a schema, Schema Designer now auto-populates the schema type (i.e., page, component, or asset) that displays in the Management tab.
  • Improved Site Status progress bar to display the current running task's percentage of completion.
  • Improved Publishing System efficiency by skipping the file copy portion of a publication if metadata has changed but the binary asset file itself has not.
  • Developers who automated incremental publishes via scheduled tasks would receive an error message if no CMS changes took place between publishing intervals. These messages are now pushed to their own warning log levels.


  • Corrected XPath error in Administration > Reports > Site Reports ;> Pages by partial schema name report. The report now returns accurate results.
  • Attempting to download an asset folder that contains external assets or assets that are missing their binary files resulted in a .NET error.
  • CMS no longer prevents users from entering the number eight (i.e., 8) in XHTML editor and text fields within ICE and Page Builder.
  • The Properties tab within the Recycle Folder of Site Tree would not load. The tab now displays without issue.
  • Paste as Clone function created multiple referenced clones if the master page contained multiple references to a sibling. Now, Paste as Clone keeps track of when a referenced clone xID is created, and updates all other references to this xID, accordingly.
  • CMS would not allow users to save text file assets without content. Now, users can save empty text files in Assets Manager.
  • Fixed issue that prevented users from interacting with the third item within the Favorites area of the Dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where, if users had permissions to create assets but not to add content to workflows, they encountered an error if the associated asset schema added new assets to workflows automatically.
  • When users with specific asset permissions check in modified assets, the asset Overview content now renders in the appropriate tab and not in the Properties tab.
  • Unmanaged assets had resulted in errors when building form pages. Form Builder XSLT files are now recognized by the CMS even if they are not managed assets.
  • Fixed issue where stock DSS or DSS Preview solutions failed to rebuild due to an invalid reference to an Application Insights dependency.
  • Fixed issue that prevented pages from being created under child pages via the Content Creation Wizard even if the Page Creation Rule wasn't restricted to parent pages only.
  • Fixed issue that prevented assets from being deleted from the Recycle Folder in the Assets Tree.
  • Fixed issue that displayed an object reference error on a content item if a workflow workstate assigned a deleted user group to the content item.
  • Now, if users advance content items to workflow workstates with deleted groups, the CMS states that no transitions are available, and the CSAPI log indicates the deleted group.
  • Reinstating a deleted asset to its original folder caused a file collision error if target folder contained another file with same name but different extension. Now, Assets Manager checks filename and file extension to prevent collision.
  • Publishing Monitor displayed previous replication label, which was set in Publishing System, after the label had been renamed. Now, a renamed replication label in Publishing System matches its Publishing Monitor rendition.
  • The time selector value no longer changes when users hover over it while scrolling with their mouse wheels.
  • The CMS CLI Installer's Replace action now requires administrators to provide an export parameter (required) before running the action.
  • When administrators removed all parent pages from a PCR and then selected Do not save in the Save Page Creation Rule dialog, the PCR wouldn't save subsequent changes. Administrators can now save subsequent changes without issue.
  • Users could click the Unpack button in Site Migrator before they selected packages. Now, users cannot click this button until packages have been selected.
  • Ported back support for passing in IPublishingTarget values for the CheckInSingleWithNoValidate CSAPI method. This had been changed from IPublishingTarget to a string value in the initial release of CMS 10.3 to support new work.
  • The Propagate Publishes to Latest Version > Page and Children context menu option didn't update children. This option now automatically checks in children and marks each content item's current version for publish.
  • When administrators uploaded a schema with two different field types of same name, the first field entry duplicated in the other entry. Schema Designer now appropriately maps each field type that shares same name.
  • Site Migrator can now import schemas that do not contain elements.
  • Users can now resize column headers in Chrome and IE file browsers.
  • When administrators navigated from one user or group to another, the Users/Groups manager would always return to the Info tab. Now, Users/Groups retains focus on the active tab rather than returning to the Info tab when users switch users or groups.
  • Added check against node-level security to determine visibility of content items in the Assignments list.
  • Administrators can no longer use the Overview toolbar to rename checked-out assets assigned to other users.
  • Fixed issue that prevented submitting content for publish after creating the publishing target.
  • Toggle Publishing Target Root Markings button is now scoped only for the selected publishing target in Site Tree.
  • Users were not able to expand Taxonomy Tree when categories contained umlauts. Now umlauts no longer prevents Taxonomy Tree expansion.
  • Refreshing browser while in Translate tab no longer shuffles Utility Bar icons.
  • Users with Edit permissions but without any Site Tree permissions no longer see the Site Tree icon in the Utility Bar.
  • Clear button on the References Navigation element now removes references from element.
  • Updated various localization strings for the CMS UI.
  • Dragging a pending publish onto another pending publish in the publishing queue no longer removes the dragged publish entry from the Publishing Monitor view.
  • Improved Publishing Monitor by accounting for disabled replication targets.
  • Schema Usage reports wouldn't include content items in the Recycle Folder. Reports now return recycled items of the same schema without issue.
  • Added a scroll bar to the Publishing Monitor Replication area that displays when replicating content to multiple targets.
  • DSS redirects no longer cache host name values.
  • Added error message that informs users that unmanaged asset folders with stylesheets must be switched to managed folders before the contained stylesheets can be used.
  • After users selected asset element images in the Design tab, the images wouldn't display without saving the page. Now, these images display immediately after users select them.
  • The WorldView tab now prevents dragging pages and assets to the Add Clone(s) field if those items exist under the same locale as the master.
  • An error prevented unmanaged asset folders from being renamed. The error no longer displays.
  • CMS prevented users from saving new custom tabs if tab name exceeded character limit. Custom tab names no longer have character limits.
  • Fixed issue that caused System.IO.FileNotFoundException error when running CLI installer.
  • Fixed issue where the CMS application name displayed HTML entity codes for special characters.
  • The CMS now prevents asset and asset folder names from containing leading and trailing spaces.
  • Fixed issue where DSS pages sometimes loaded embedded SectionControl component XML instead of page XML.
  • Users can now enable Google Analytics for publishing targets where the CMS is configured for HTTPS via load balancer termination.
  • Improved preview request performance, which translates into much faster preview resolution speeds. This will be particularly relevant for customers with a large volume of content.
  • Page's Security tab now indicates that the Administrators group has full page access. This change was made to alleviate confusion as to why workflow notification emails were only sent to a subset of members in a transition group due to users not having permissions to the page itself.
  • Fixed asset issue that, after managing the stylesheet folder, prevented users from unmanaging the folder.
  • Site Migrator failed during the packaging process. Now, integrity check messaging lists asset IDs with missing binary files on disk. This list allows administrators to address these items prior to packaging.
  • Added performance enhancements when viewing Workflow Reports.
  • Fixed error that displayed when selecting Side-by-Side with In-Context Editing mode in the Edit tab.
  • Fixed console error issue that prevented users from accessing the Administration area after using the Content Creation Wizard.
  • Fixed issue where component lists displayed no content for shared embedded components.
  • Publishing Monitor status no longer displays the publishing target root page ID for multi-page incremental publishes.
  • When WorldView isn't enabled, transitioning assets via workflow no longer throws error.
  • When administrators select or clear the Allow Next Group to Advance option and make no other changes, Workflows Designer no longer prevents saving transitions.
  • During schema creation, users can now configure security before saving new schemas.
  • When administrators delete new, unsaved user agent definitions, the agents now delete without issue.
  • In Find/Replace, users had no way to browse for replacement IDs. Now users can click a Browse button to pick replacement IDs in XHTML elements.
  • Added a persistent drop-down arrow for Insert elements in Form View.
  • Renaming an asset would display the modal window title as Rename Page. Now this modal window displays the title as Rename Asset.
  • Fixed formatting issues on various browser alert messages.
  • Fixed issue where the Page.RemoveCategory method didn't remove categories from their associated site pages.
  • Fixed issue where, if a user modified and saved an asset's notes or Restrict Asset Publication settings and then saved a change in a separate asset, the CMS copied the first asset's changes to the second asset.
  • Added support for tfrm=6 query parameter that returns components as JSON.
  • Fixed issue that allowed administrators to save device bundles without a User Agent value in Device Manager.
  • The CMS now prevents users from dragging asset items to the root node in the Assets Tree.
  • Now, getelementvalues.cs doesn't recompile on every multi-select element request from the CMS.
  • When users tried to switch from SSO Provider to Ingeniux Membership Provider, the username and password fields wouldn't display. Now, when users configure both providers, the login fields display.
  • Improved process of inserting components into pages by hiding component creation button when users don't have permissions to embed and unembed component fields.
  • Apply permissions of predefined roles drop-down list now renders correctly in Administration > User/Groups > Groups > Info tab.
  • Users who selected a component in the Site Tree while working within a page in the Preview or Design tab were not routed appropriately. This issue has been resolved by routing users to the Edit tab.
  • Improved refresh speed in Assets tab when toggling from one asset to another to perform various operations.
  • When accessing CMS assets via Internet Explorer 11, the CMS UI no longer freezes when it loads.
  • Signing out of the CMS sometimes threw an error. The error no longer displays.
  • Fixed issue where the CSAPI AssetFolderByPath method returned invalid data if the path included an asset folder name with a period (.) character.
  • After manually deleting the browser's authentication cookie for a user, logging in as a second user still showed information from the original logged-in user's session. The cookie deletion now ends the original session.
  • Content item General Properties now display the localized Schema Name value that correlates with the current CMS UI locale.
  • Updating DSS Preview projects to Bootstrap 4 no longer causes CSS margin issues when using Page Builder in the CMS.
  • After administrators set user account type to SQL authentication, CMS cannot authenticate new users. Ingeniux resolved underlying issue that caused Object reference not set to an instance of an object error message.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the reordering of queued publishes within Publishing Monitor.
  • Dropdown List element using hard-coded values now respects values with spaces in between words. The expected delimiter between selector values is now the pipe character.
  • Fixed issue where Who's Online area displayed offline users as logged in the Dashboard.
  • For an improved user experience, the Assigned to field only displays in General Properties when a user has been assigned to the content item.
  • Restored the missing parameters in the OnAfterCrossLocaleCopy custom hook method.
  • The CMS froze when users added a query string value to a component element. Now, the CMS parses the component xID appropriately.
  • Renamed assets were not auto-updating in the Assets Tree. Now asset renaming works as expected.
  • Users were unable to clear Exclude from InSite Search indexes option on asset schemas after selecting this option then saving the schema. Now, users can clear this option after the schema has been saved.
  • Users can now save images after resizing them in XHTML editor.
  • Under certain conditions, creating PCRs through the Dashboard caused the Administration view to be inaccessible. Now, a null check has been added that fixes this scenario.
  • Long string values in multiselect fields were truncated to conserve space; however, users had no way to see the full value. The full values of multiselect fields now display in tooltips.
  • When users searched for assets by their ID (e.g., a/1234) in Go to search, exact matches didn't consistently display at the top of the results list. Now, exact matches always display at the top.
  • In Users/Groups, a pre-defined role displayed for existing groups, even though the role hadn't been applied. Now, when administrators select a group, the roles drop-down list resets.
  • Users encountered 404 errors when requesting assets (e.g., in an unmanaged prebuilt folder. Now, these unmanaged prebuilt assets render as expected on DSS sites.
  • Utility Bar Search returned results for any content items. Now, the results only display content items that the current user has permissions to access.
  • Fixed issue that displayed assigned group and user IDs instead of their friendly names in content item search results.
  • The URLMapEntryByPath index stored null PageId values in all reduce result sets. Now, the system reindexes URLMapEntryByPath upon upgrade.
  • When users check in mass-imported content items, the action no longer reorders those items in the Site Tree.
  • Applying the Assets Tree context menu cut/paste operations on unmanaged asset folders threw an error. Users can now cut/paste unmanaged asset folders without issue.
  • When a Page Creation Rule (PCR) contained a single parent page, the CMS prevented users from applying the PCR to child pages, regardless of whether the Parent Only option was selected. Users can now apply the PCR to child pages if the Parent Only option is cleared.
  • Site exports that include content in the package no longer overwrite the installed versions of Ingeniux glyphicons.
  • Fixed issue where a component in a list of a list couldn't be found after attempting to share the component.
  • Usernames prepended with a domain prefix could not be created or edited in the Users/Groups manager. Now, backslashes are valid characters in usernames.
  • When users executed incremental publishes on pages containing external asset links, the paths to the external assets changed to an internal asset path format. Paths to external assets are now retained after incremental publishes.
  • Improved publishing performance by reducing duration of incremental publishes for sites with many assets in CMS.
  • Fixed issue that prevented pages from being cut and pasted in Site Tree.
  • Changed the encryption method to use Symmetrical key for publishing target and replication password fields, database elements, and password elements. This change prevents encryption value passwords from displaying as cleartext in RTAPI DLLs.
  • The Replicated field counted the total created and removed replicated items in the replication log viewer. The log now displays the created item total in the Replicated field and the removed item total in the Removed field.
  • Clicking a user profile's Email link no longer removes your profile from Who's Online in the Dashboard.
  • Unpacking zip files no longer generates a temporary unmanaged asset folder in the Assets Tree.
  • Removed Hidden, Read Only, Required, and Indexable checkbox options from Group End elements in Schema Designer. Also, aside from Hidden, removed same checkbox options from Group Start elements.
  • The expand arrow now displays in PCR manager's Override Stylesheet drop-down field.
  • When creating a new PCR, the Override Stylesheet field displayed a stylesheet that did not exist. Now, the field only displays placeholder text.
  • In Users/Groups, the values in the Languages user can write drop-down menu were not visible. Now, these values display so administrators can select them.
  • Workflow reports no longer display UTC timestamps for last modified values.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the replication time format from reflecting the publish time format.
  • When users changed the publishing context, they had to refresh the Assets Tree manually in order for it to indicate the actual Mark/Unmark for Publish state. The Assets Tree now updates automatically under these conditions.
  • Navigating quickly between the Apps tab and other top-menu tabs no longer duplicate list items in Apps list.
  • Site Migrator now unpacks content items with XML element content without issue.
  • Uploading certain schemas with list elements to Schema Designer now have their child element types parsed correctly.
  • Setting Start Time and End Time without Start Date and End Date no longer throws an error when closing the Page Properties dialog.
  • Schema usage reports didn't display all results after administrator recycled the CMS application pool. The results now display without issue.
  • Fixed issue where, after publishing, loading a DSS page with local exports threw an error.
  • CSAPI log now renders international characters in readable format.
  • Updated text to various RestAPI methods.
  • Fixed issue where two assets have an identical FilePath value in AssetMap.xml when executing an incremental publish on one of the assets. Now, an incremental, single-asset publish includes the other asset in conflict. As a result, the file paths for both assets are corrected upon publish.
  • Fixed issue that prevented saving Page Builder presentations after selecting the Locked in In-Context-Edit mode checkbox.
  • Fixed issue where Page Creation Rules (PCRs) did not display to users who had user-specific permissions to access them in Content Creation Wizard.
  • Fixed issue where logs would not reflect an accurate publishing start time if the CMS application pool was recycled between back-to-back publish and replication operations.
  • Fixed issue where double-clicking Presentation Content Units (PCUs) didn't open the Create/Edit view.
  • Embedded Presentation Content Units of the same type no longer have conflicting GUID values, which prevented them from being indexed as distinct entities for use in the Usage tab.
  • Fixed Page Builder issue where, if the user deleted the last row in the page and then saved, the system deleted all page rows.
  • XHTML element height now appropriately syncs to the height value defined in the associated schema.
  • Users with asset-only permissions were unable to edit assets unless they had the Allowed to edit pages permission. Users can now edit assets without the additional permission.
  • Dashboard Preferences became uneditable if users set the CMS UI to a non-English language. Users can now edit these preferences in any available language.
  • The publishingTargets.xml file no longer serializes out on publishes.
  • Custom tab dependencies wouldn't load. The system now locates and retrieves dependencies appropriately.
  • The expand arrow didn't display in new clone locations after pasting items with children as clones. The arrow now displays.
  • Fixed issue that prevented administrators from saving custom application icon settings in the Custom Tabs Management Configuration area.
  • CLI installer threw error when uninstalling the CMS and then reinstalling with the same CMS name. CLI now properly registers properties needed for a clean uninstall, so administrators can reinstall with the same CMS name without issue.
  • The CMS now allows the administrator who initiated the content freeze to log in and bypass the content freeze, regardless of whether the Administrators group is in the allowed groups list.
  • Fixed issue where the list element became unusable after users deleted all list items from the element.
  • Enhanced asset schema security to prevent users from using blocked schemas to create assets, regardless of whether they select the Use Default Schema option.
  • Users can no longer drag and drop the Recycle Folder in the Site Tree.
  • Synced timestamp formats in Publishing Monitor and associated publishing logs.
  • The Assignments tab in Users/Groups now displays assigned assets.
  • The DSS no longer generates a 404 response when users enable the Redirect all requests to canonical URL automatically option in publishing targets.
  • Removed Presentation Content Units Configuration area and Pick Content Units button from asset schemas in Schema Designer > Create/Edit.
  • After deleting workflows, administrators needed to navigate away from and return to Workflows Designer to edit other workflows. They can now edit workflows without issue.
  • The current user's Assignments list wouldn't initially load due to resize issue. List results now display without issue.
  • When syncing content units with schemas, the Synchronize Pages to Match Schema dialog no longer displays.
  • Page Creation Rules set for specific users now display in the Content Creation Wizard UI.
  • Toggling the Enable archiving for log type option no longer sets its configuration fields to read-only.
  • Incremental publishes containing empty asset folders would throw an Index was outside the bounds of the array error. Now, while empty asset folders are not published, their presence in the does not throw an error and these incremental publishes complete without issue.
  • The current user now displays at the top of the Advance Workflow dialog's Assign To drop-down list if the user is a member of the Next Group.
  • Fixed issue where the CMS retained SSO account credentials after attempting to log in with an integrated account.
  • Improved the accuracy of Find/Replace search results.
  • When the CMS automatically ends user sessions, the system now returns users to the login page.
  • Fixed issue where, when editing image assets, users could type text in the Cancel, Save As, and Save Changes buttons.
  • Fixed issue where, after editing a binary asset file, the asset metadata's CreateDate value changed to the ModifyDate value.
  • Added a scroll bar to Revert Schema to Version dialog in Schema Designer.
  • When users attempted to associate the Taxonomy Tree node as a category within in a page's Categorize tab, a checkmark displayed next to the node. Now, no checkmark displays.
  • Fixed issue where content freezes ended after upgrading CMS instances. Now, the CMS maintains content freezes post upgrade.
  • Fixed issue where Utility Bar search did not return content item results for partial title text strings.
  • The CMS no longer displays the Assign To dialog to users who lack the appropriate permissions to perform assignment actions.
  • Fixed issue where a schema-defined height value on an XHTML element did not affect the TinyMCE box height in the Edit tab.
  • Fixed issue where, after selecting the "Inherit security settings from parent asset" option, the asset's parent settings wouldn't automatically display.
  • After mass-creating component content units, the existing content units list wouldn't update. The list now updates without issue.
  • Spaces in asset folder names broke the asset path. This issue threw an error when users tried to insert these assets in pages. The assets now load in Insert elements without issue.
  • Users with the appropriate permissions can now rearrange taxonomy categories.
  • Implemented various localization UI fixes and updates.
  • Users were unable to set --rebuid-dss to false in CMS CLI installation. Now, this option has been set to a string property, so it can default to true but allow users to set it to false.
  • Custom URLs with trailing slashes threw 404 errors on published pages. These URLs now return the appropriate xID content. If the custom URL value is not canonical, the request redirects to the canonical value of the page.
  • Restored missing context menu Assign To options in the Users/Groups > Users > Assignments tab.
  • Fixed issues that prevented the default XSLT stylesheet from rendering page text in Preview before views had been created.
  • If users were not granted permissions to embed/unembed components, they were unable to save pages with embedded components. The Save action is now decoupled from embed/unembed permissions.
  • Executing incremental site publishes from Manage Publishing Targets UI no longer submits all content to be republished.
  • A warning now displays when administrators enter usernames with double-byte characters (e.g., umlaut) instead of ASCII characters for new users.
  • The Maximum Depth setting for Asset Navigation elements now returns accurate results.
  • Fixed issue that allowed users to finalize asset selections for pages despite lacking permissions.
  • Fixed issue that prevented exporting asset IDs in DSS Preview.
  • Fixed issue that prevented administrators from clearing the Exclude from InSite Search indexes checkbox on asset schemas after enabling it in Schema Designer.
  • The CMS now prevents users from advancing content items associated with deleted workstates in workflow. Also, the CMS now prevents users from deleting workflows associated with content items.
  • Updated CSAPI log file to reflect accurate text of when a publish was submitted.
  • Asset folders were excluded from Utility Bar searches. Asset folders now return in Utility Bar searches when users query by name and by asset ID.
  • On upload and save, Assets Manager now detects and retains the original encoding type for text assets.
  • Fixed issue where PageFieldIndexableEntries documents in RavenDB were created with an incorrect naming format.
  • The OnBeforePublish custom hook no longer throws an exception error when used to prevent full CMS publishes.
  • The search term in Go to search disappeared after users selected options to include pages or assets in the search scope. Now, when users select Pages or Assets, Go to search retains the term.

Known Issues

  • All CMS 10.5 builds contain the following know issue:

    • Google Chrome Security prevents access to CMS RavenDB Studio. Google Chrome version 105+ restricts access to HTTPS sites running with self-signed certificates, preventing system administrators from accessing the CMS 10.5 RavenDB Management Studio.

      See known issue article for details and workaround.

  • Build 10.5.146 contains the following known issue:
    • New custom URLs remove forward slashes in path on save. The CMS removes forward slashes from new custom site page URL paths after users add and save them in Properties.

      See known issue article for details and workaround.

    • Site Migrator imports asset-only packages to unexpected folders. Asset-only Site Migrator packages may not import (unpack) to the expected asset folder in edge cases.

      See known issue article for details and workaround.

  • Build 10.5.128 contains the following known issues:

    • Dependency conflicts during DSS Preview project upgrade. When upgrading the DSS Preview project to 10.5.128+, dependency conflicts may occur during the upgrade process related to an update in RavenDB packages. Restore the RavenDB.Client 5.2.101 NuGet package to resolve these conflicts.

      See article for details.

    • Google deprecated their previous analytics authentication method that was used in the CMS. However, we updated Google Analytics in CMS 10.5.146 to support their Google's updated Analytics OAuth method.

      See known issue article for details.

    • CMS prevents logins via Non-English web browsers. When users access a CMS site via a web browser that uses a default language setting other than US English (en-us), the system prevents users from logging in to the CMS site.

      See known issue article for details and workaround.

    • Inconsistent navigation cache rebuild on disk. The CMS inconsistently rebuilds the navigation cache on disk when users publish site pages that contain navigation elements to the DSS.

      See known issue article for details and workaround.

    • "Invalid or null session for this manager" error when viewing users with assignments. Viewing assignments for a given user in the Users/Groups Manager for a user with content assigned to them will throw a null session error in the CMS.

  • Build 10.5.114 contains the following known issue:

    • DSS sites with an expired license key may fail to render content. If a DSS may fail to render published content if the license key that has been applied to the DSS server lapses past the issued expiration date.

Detailed Information

Support for XSLT Runtime Sites Requires Upgrade from CMS 10.3

The DSS Instance Setup Wizard no longer supports upgrading classic runtime instances (XSLT runtime sites). These instances now require a CMS 10.3 upgrade before upgrading to CMS 10.5.

DSS Instance Setup Wizard No Longer Supports Upgrading Classic Runtime Instances

The DSS Instance Setup Wizard no longer supports upgrading classic runtime instances (XSLT runtime sites). These instances now require a CMS 10.3 upgrade before upgrading to CMS 10.5.

Who Should Upgrade

  • Customers running CMS 10.3 or below should upgrade to CMS 10.5.
  • CMS 9.0 customers should upgrade to CMS 9.0 SR8 prior to upgrading to CMS 10.3.
  • CMS 8.0 customers can upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.2 without an intermediate upgrade using the Migrate from v8 installation feature. CMS 8 customers with extensive custom hooks or custom tabs should carefully evaluate the level of effort required to migrate the JScript to C# syntax.
  • CMS 7.5 and earlier customers must first upgrade to CMS 8.0 temporarily before continuing to migrate to Ingeniux CMS 10.5.
  • Ingeniux CMS OnDemand customers will be contacted by Ingeniux Support regarding the schedule for their OnDemand UAT and upgrade.

Upgrade Guidelines

To upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.5, follow these steps:

  1. Review the Ingeniux CMS System Requirements.
  2. Review the CMS 10 Upgrade Guide.
  3. Contact Ingeniux Support to request a CMS 10.5 product key if you do not have one already.
  4. Configure a test environment with CMS 10.5 using a replica of the CMS 8.0 XML content or CMS 9.0/CMS 10.0+ site export.
  5. Create a new site in the test environment using the CMS and DSS Site Setup wizards. See the Installation Guide for details on how to do this.
  6. Run the Ingeniux CMS Site Instance Wizard in the test environment to upgrade the site content to the latest version of Ingeniux CMS.
  7. Evaluate the site implementation in CMS 10.5 within the test environment.
  8. Perform a full publish and set up a DSS site in the test environment to evaluate the latest DSS features. A DSS site upgraded to 10.5 code base will only render content published from a CMS on 10.5.
    In most cases, DSS upgrades are now performed automatically by the upgrade wizard included in CMS 10.5. Customers upgrading their MVC template sites can continue to update the Ingeniux API DLL in their Visual Studio project manually, build the DSS site, and deploy the new files to the DSS code location.
  9. Implement the CMS 10.5 upgrade in the production environment with the same process.

Ingeniux Support is available to work with your organization to determine the optimal plan and time frame to upgrade to the Ingeniux CMS 10.5 release.

License Key

Customers who upgrade to Ingeniux CMS 10.5 must obtain a new license key for this release. Please contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or to request a new product key.


Contact Ingeniux Support at 1.877.299.8900 or with any questions.