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Our video tutorials are developed to empower users at every level to achieve their goals in the CMS by providing on-demand access to detailed how-to videos and demonstrations. Lessons range from basic content entry topics to advanced development courses.

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Tutorial Video: Intro to the Dashboard

Intro to the Dashboard

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to launch Ingeniux CMS in your web browser and how to understand and use the Dashboard.

Tutorial Video: Working With the Site Tree

Working With the Site Tree

In this video, we'll demonstrate how to structure navigations and select, move, and copy pages.

Tutorial Video: Intro to the Administration Panel

Intro to the Admin Panel

A brief introduction to Administration Panel in Ingeniux CMS. Learn about the different sections and possibilities in this "control center" of the CMS.

Tutorial Video: Asset Management Tips and Tricks

Asset Management Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for working with assets in the Ingeniux CMS Asset Management System.

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Multi-Lesson (Course)

Implementing InSite Search

4 lessons

Ingeniux training course in five parts. In this tutorial series, we demonstrate how to implement Ingeniux InSite Search (ISS) to an implementation of Ingeniux CMS. We walk through this process in...

Multi-Lesson (Course)

Launching a Website: CMS, DSS, and Publishing Content

4 lessons

Ingeniux training course in four parts. In this course we will walk you through how to install the CMS, write a specification for a home page (including associated components), and create schemas...

Multi-Lesson (Course)

Building a Section Front

5 lessons

Ingeniux training course in five parts. In this course, we will create a Section Front, a page type meant to indicate a major section of the information architecture (usually a department or focus of...


Welcome to Ingeniux CMS

In this introductory video tour we'll walk you through the main sections of the CMS and demonstrate how to complete basic editorial and publishing actions on content in the site tree. Become familiar...

Multi-Lesson (Course)


Join Ingeniux developers in this deep dive into the Ingeniux CMS API. Each course covers an essential area of understanding and working with API to extend and enhance the functionality of the CMS....

Single-Lesson (How-To)

Installing a CMS

10 minutes

Learn how to install an instance of Ingeniux CMS 10.3.169.

Single-Lesson (How-To)

Deleting a Schema

3 minutes

Learn when and how to delete a schema from Schema Designer.

Single-Lesson (How-To)

Copying a Schema

2 minutes

Learn to copy a schema to create a new schema in Schema Designer.

Single-Lesson (How-To)

Downloading and Uploading Schemas

5 minutes

Learn to use schema designer to download schemas for archival or to uppload them to another CMS.