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Our video tutorials are developed to empower users at every level to achieve their goals in the CMS by providing on-demand access to detailed how-to videos and demonstrations. Lessons range from basic content entry topics to advanced development courses.

New In the Fall Release

Tutorial Video: Fundamental UI Changes

Fundamental UI Changes

The fall software release introduces many UI changes that will affect users at every level. Learn about some of the fundamental changes that end users will experience.

Tutorial Video: Changes for Administrators

Changes for Administrators

A detailed overview of the exciting changes Administrators should know about before upgrading to the Fall 2023 Software Release, also known as Ingeniux CMS 10.6.

Tutorial Video: InSite Search

InSite Search Configuration

With a fresh user interface and new features, InSite Search has never been more intuitive and powerful. Become familiar with the new search configuration panel in Ingeniux CMS 10.6.

Tutorial Video: Asset Management Tips and Tricks

New Custom Macros Feature

Custom macros, new in CMS 10.6, extend the functionality of custom hooks to allow manual triggering of scripts. Learn all about this useful new tool for developers.

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Component Administration

3 minutes

Learn best practices for managing components as an Administrator, along with the different types of components and how to to work with them in Ingeniux CMS.


Asset Administration

4 minutes

Learn best practices and key considerations for Asset Administration in Ingeniux CMS.


Using Find and Replace

8 minutes

Learn how to use the Find and Replace tool in Ingeniux CMS to locate content, make updates, and run reports.


Page Builder Administration

4 minutes

Learn how to use the Page Builder Administration tab to set permissions on users/groups, restrict or enable use of the design tab, and work with presentation content units (PCUs).


Creating Groups

2 minutes

Learn how to create and manage groups as an Administration in Ingeniux CMS.


Authentication and Authorization

3 minutes

Learn about authentication and authorization in the context of Ingeniux CMS and how Administrators can manage settings for each.


Creating Users

3 minutes

Learn how to create and manage users in Ingeniux CMS as an Administrator.


Defining Roles and Permissions

5 minutes

Learn how to define roles and permissions for users and groups in Ingeniux CMS, along with important considerations when putting these settings in place.


Site Tree Security

5 minutes

Learn about Site Tree Security in Ingeniux CMS and how it is used to set paramaters on content contributors working with content items in the Site Tree.