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Our video tutorials are developed to empower users at every level to achieve their goals in the CMS by providing on-demand access to detailed how-to videos and demonstrations. Lessons range from basic content entry topics to advanced development courses.

New In the Fall Release

Tutorial Video: Fundamental UI Changes

Fundamental UI Changes

The fall software release introduces many UI changes that will affect users at every level. Learn about some of the fundamental changes that end users will experience.

Tutorial Video: AI Module

New AI Module

The AI module in CMS 10.6 introduces innovative generative AI technology to the Ingeniux platform. Learn more about this exciting new feature, including how to set up and use it in the CMS.

Tutorial Video: InSite Search

InSite Search Configuration

With a fresh user interface and new features, InSite Search has never been more intuitive and powerful. Become familiar with the new search configuration panel in Ingeniux CMS 10.6.

Tutorial Video: In-Context Editing

In-Context Editing Updates

In the latest release of Ingeniux CMS – Version 10.6 – In-Context Editing takes a huge leap forward in terms of user experience and extensibility. Get the inside scoope on how ICE has changed and how...

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Component Administration

3 minutes

Learn best practices for managing components as an Administrator, along with the different types of components and how to to work with them in Ingeniux CMS.

Course (Multi-Lesson)

Applied Administration: Site Configuration in Ingeniux CMS 10.3

10 lessons

This series of training videos will teach CMS Administrators how to configure their site from the ground up using settings, tools, and functionality in the Administration section of Ingeniux CMS...


Configuring Reports

5 min

Learn how to configure reports in the Administration Section of Ingeniux CMS.


Publishing Targets

5 min

Learn how to set up and manage Publishing Targets as an Administrator in Ingeniux CMS.


Replication Targets

5 min

Learn how to set up and manage Replication Targets as an Administrator in Ingeniux CMS.