Advanced Setup

Advanced Cartella Setup | Configure Cartella beyond its basic installation.

The default Cartella configuration is well suited to many use cases, but there are some settings that may need to be changed after installation. In the Web.config and Cartella.config files of your Cartella instance, you can modify SMTP settings, email templates, the error log, asset behavior, security and login settings, and various other aspects of Cartella functionality.

If you've been working through this guide from the beginning, you've already encountered the Web.config file. Now, as we configure Cartella, we'll make additional changes to Web.config and also to Cartella.config.

Both the Web.config and Cartella.config files can be found in the root directory of the Cartella site. They are XML files and must remain well-formed. Changing settings in these files can seriously affect the performance and behavior of Cartella. Thus, you shouldn't alter these files if you're not comfortable working in XML and the Microsoft .NET environment.

To modify these configuration files, you can use any text editor, if it doesn't embed special characters in the edited file.

Note: Depending on the permissions of the directory where the configuration files are located, you may need to run your editor as an administrator.