Localizing Taxonomy


Users with permissions can configure the same category to multiple languages. Localizing taxonomy may benefit users who speak different languages.

For example, if your organization has a British firm in Germany, your users may speak English, German, or both. If users change the CMS interface's language to German, or translate a page to German, they may experience confusion if the taxonomy categories only display in English. You can translate categories to both languages.

Note: Users can identify any language as the original category language. For example, users can create a category with German as the source language and translate the category to English as the secondary language. See Creating Taxonomy Categories for details.

To localize a taxonomy category:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Taxonomy.

    Administration Taxonomy

  2. Enter and select the language in the Language field. Click the search icon. If the category has no translation for the language, an exclamation point (!) displays next to the category.

    Important: Ensure you configure WorldView beforehand.

    Select Language

  3. Select the taxonomy category to translate. The category name displays in its original language directly above the Title field.

    Localize Taxonomy Category

  4. Enter the translated category name in the Title field. Click Save. The exclamation point disappears and the translated value saves.
  5. Optional: Complete the fields to best suit your localization needs. Use the following topics to configure each tab:

    Additional Info:

    Important: Fields of the multi-lingual taxonomy category contain the same or exclusive values per language. For example, if you change the Description value for the category in English, then the value remains blank for the same category in Spanish. If you change the External ID for the category in English, then the category shares the same value in Spanish.

    Use the following table to identify which fields contain shared and exclusive values per language.

    Tab: Field Shared Exclusive
    Category: Name x
    Category: Description x
    Category: Type Name x
    Category: External ID x
    Associations x
    Security x
    Synonyms x

    Example of the same category in English:

    Sample Taxonomy Category in English

    Example of the same category in Spanish:

    Sample Taxonomy Category in English