Using Search

If users don't know a page's xID or name but know a little bit about the page content, they can locate the page using the Search feature.

Accessed via Search, the search engine indexes individual text fields on the design-time site and can be configured to search for recycled pages and previous versions of pages.

There are a few details to keep in mind about the search functionality:

  • Search is not case sensitive.
  • Only whole and hyphenated words are searchable. The strings "academics" and "academic-s" will return pages with the word "academics" in them. However, "aca" or "academic" will not return "academics."
  • Depending on the size of the site, there may be up to a 10-second delay between content updates and indexing.
  • A search will only return the 200 highest-ranked matches.
  • The search results table can be sorted by column, in ascending or descending order.

Users can enter either keywords or queries in the search field. Queries follow the syntax field:value and can be joined by and / or. For example, the following string would return pages with "academics" in either the title field or the abstract field:

title:academics or abstract:academics