Deleting Content Units

Prerequisites: See Page Builder Prerequisites for details.

Administrators can delete presentation content units from the CMS. If administrators delete the content unit and its built-in view, the system moves the built-in view from Assets\Views\Shared\Editable to the Recycle Folder in Assets > Assets Tree. To delete the built-in view and not the unit, see Removing Content Unit Views for details.

Without a built-in or external MVC view, the content unit cannot be inserted into Page Builder layouts.

Instances of Deleted Content Units in Page Builder

If administrators delete content units from Administration > Presentation Content Units, the system permanently removes those content units from the CMS. If the content unit exists in a presentation, Page Builder saves the embedded content unit and view as a mapped field, which is unaffected by deletion. However, the deleted content unit becomes unavailable in the Design tab. If users remove the content unit from the presentation, the unit cannot be used again.

Similarly, if administrators delete a component schema associated with a presentation content unit, the CMS removes the schema from the content unit. This requires administrators to select a different component schema for the content unit. See Presentation Content Units for details.

To delete a presentation content unit:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Presentation Content Units.
    The Management screen displays.
  2. Select one or more presentation content units in the Field Content Units or Component Content Units tab.
    Use Ctrl+Click to select multiple content units.

    Delete via Actions Menu

  3. Select Delete in the Actions menu.
    The Deleting Content Units dialog displays.

    Deleting Content Units Dialog

  4. Select Delete Selected Content Units.
    The system permanently deletes the content unit from the CMS.

    If the content unit has a built-in view, the Deleting Content Unit Views dialog displays.

    Deleting Content Unit Views Dialog

  5. If the Deleting Content Unit Views dialog displays, choose one of the following steps.
    • Select Don't Delete to maintain the view associated with the deleted content unit as a managed asset within the Assets Manager.
    • Select Delete Views to move view asset associated with the deleted content unit to the Assets Recycle Folder.