Creating DITA Asset Root Folder

The DITA root folder will contain all your organization's DITA content. To publish DITA content in Ingeniux CMS, all DITA content and resources must reside within the DITA root folder.

To create the DITA asset root folder:

  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. Create an asset folder that will contain all DITA content and resources.
  3. Optional: If you and your organization plan to use custom DTDs (document type definitions), create an asset folder that will contain the DTDs.

    The DTD folder can reside inside or outside the DITA root folder.

  4. Note the DITA root folder's asset folder ID and, if applicable, the DTD asset folder ID.

    You will need these IDs when you configure DITA system options.

Next Steps:

Define the DITA root folder and, if applicable, the DTD folder in Administration > DITA > Setup.