Adding Attributes to Schema Elements


Users can add attributes to schema elements. Each field value serves as an attribute for their respective elements in the schema XML.
All field values have equivalent XML attributes. However, not all XML attributes have equivalent field values. Users can add other attributes not provided (or provided) as fields via the XML.

To add an attribute to a schema via field values:

  1. Click the element to expand its attribute fields.

    Expand and Edit Element

  2. Complete the field values in the appropriate element. Choose one of the following steps:
    • View the full list of elements for each schema type:
      • Page and Component Elements
      • Asset Elements
    • Use the following table to view available attributes for each element type:

      Elements with an asterisk (*) are unavailable in asset schemas.
      TextAssetsLinksFunctionalOrganizationalNavigationData / TimeSelection
      Plain TextAsset*Links*ComponentGroup StartNavigationDateCheckbox
      XHTML EditorAsset LinkSet*LinkSet*Insert*Group EndTaxonomy NavigationLocal DateDropdown List
      XML*Dynamic Execute*ListReferences NavigationLocal TimeMulti-Select: Hard-Coded Choices
      Password*Asset NavigationMulti-Select:: Choices from Database Query
      Asset Taxonomy NavigationMulti-Select:: Choices from CMS Node Set
      Multi-Select:: Choices from External Scripting

  3. Select or clear the following options:
    HiddenIf selected, the element is obscured from groups that lack permission to view hidden elements.
    Read OnlyIf selected, the element is visible and inaccessible to groups that lack permission to modify read-only elements.
    RequiredIf selected, associated items cannot be checked in without entering an element value.
    IndexableIf selected, the element can be added to the index.
  4. Enter field values. Each element (except the Group End element) contains the following fields:
    Field Label (optional)The element's friendly name.
    Tag NameThe element's name as it displays in the schema.
    Help Text (optional)Administrator-entered instructions for how to complete an element. Help text displays when users mouse over the question mark icon.

    : After administrators add or modify help text, users must refresh their CMS clients before the new help text displays.

    Additional Information
    Elements available for page and component schema types differ from asset schema types. Each element contains respective fields. See Page and Component Schema Type Elements or Attribute Schema Type Elements for details.
    An asterisk (*) in the Elements tab indicates unsaved changes.
  5. Click Save in the Schema Actions menu when finished. The Save Schema dialog displays.

    Save Schema Dialog

  6. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Click Save Draft. Schema Designer saves the schema as a draft.
      : If you save the schema as a draft, element edits don't apply to new pages, components, or assets associated with schema. Save the draft as a new version to apply element edits.
    • Click Save new version. Schema Designer saves the schema as a new version.
      To display the new schema elements in existing associated instances, see Syncing Schemas for details.