Viewing Schemas as HTML

  • See Schema Designer Prerequisites for details.
  • The instructions assume all required schema fields have valid values (otherwise, a blank window displays).

You can view a table of all the HTML elements in the schema. Each column refers to data in the Elements tab of the selected schema.

To view a schema as HTML:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer.
  2. Select the schema from the appropriate tab in the Management view.

    Edit Schema

  3. Click Edit in the Actions menu. The Create/Edit view displays.

    View as HTML

  4. Click the View as HTML in the Schema Actions menu. A window displays the HTML table. with the following data:
    LabelField label of the element.
    Element TypeType of element (e.g., plain text, asset. XHTML editor).
    NotesAdditional information about the element (e.g., notes if element type-specific checkboxes are selected in the schema). For example:

    Cleared Checkbox Field

    Help TextText entered by an administrator or user with permissions to help content contributors enter a value for the element.
    Req.Displays whether or not the field is required.
    HDisplays whether or not the field is hidden.
    RODisplays whether or not the field is read only.

    View Schema as HTML Table