Viewing Schemas as HTML


  • See Schema Designer Prerequisites for details.
  • The instructions assume all required schema fields have valid values (otherwise, a blank window displays).

You can view a table of all the HTML elements in the schema. Each column refers to data in the Elements tab of the selected schema.

To view a schema as HTML:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer.
  2. Select the schema from the appropriate tab in the Management view.

    Edit Schema

  3. Click Edit in the Actions menu. The Create/Edit view displays.

    View as HTML

  4. Click the View as HTML in the Schema Actions menu. A window displays the HTML table. with the following data:
    Column Description
    Label Field label of the element.
    Element Type Type of element (e.g., plain text, asset. XHTML editor).
    Notes Additional information about the element (e.g., notes if element type-specific checkboxes are selected in the schema). For example:Cleared Checkbox Field
    Help Text Text entered by an administrator or user with permissions to help content contributors enter a value for the element.
    Req. Displays whether or not the field is required.
    H Displays whether or not the field is hidden.
    RO Displays whether or not the field is read only.

    View Schema as HTML Table