CMS 10.6 External Modules

Prerequisites: CMS 10.6 must be installed. See CMS Statistics for details to check your version.

The external module system seamlessly integrates outside features with Ingeniux CMS 10.6 functionality through custom applications. This system makes external modules function as if they are part of the CMS. However, in reality, these modules do not actually touch the CMS code. The external module system is completely separate, where the modules call to the CMS and vice versa. The modules can be hosted separately from anywhere, including outside the CMS server.

When setting up external modules, your organization can choose more than one external module to integrate. External modules available for setup include the Ingeniux AI system.

Keep in mind that Ingeniux provides the external modules framework separately from CMS 10.6. See Developing an External Module for details about external module development.

External Module Installation Requirements

Setup varies depending on the external module that system administrators install. Each external module has respective installation and setup steps. However, all external modules require the following upon initial setup:

  • Deploy ExternalModules.json to [Drive]:[path-to-CMS-root-folder]\site\App_Data, and configure the file accordingly for each respective external module.


    If system administrators integrate more than one external module, only deploy this file once. If the CMS has existing external module integration settings, re-deploying this file will overwrite them.

  • Configure CMS custom application settings for the respective external module. Setting configuration varies depending on the module.


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