Referencing External Synonyms

You have the option of keeping Synonyms.xml outside its default location within your DSS Config folder. If you choose this option, then you must provide the absolute path to Synonyms.xml in Search.config. For example, you could manage Synonyms.xml as an asset in the CMS Assets manager. In this scenario, Synonyms.xml would be published to the replication target on the DSS. An advantage of maintaining Synonyms.xml in Assets is that the file is modified under a check-in/check-out action, which prevents multi-user access and tracks changes.

To reference external synonyms:

  1. Save Synonyms.xml to your DSS server, outside of its default location (i.e., Config folder).
  2. Open the Search.config file at [Drive]:\[path to DSS root folder] in a text editor.
  3. Locate the Search element, then add the synonymsLocation attribute (e.g.,
    ) if it does not exist:
    • synonymsLocation: The value of this attribute is the absolute path to the external Synonyms.xml file on your DSS server.

    synonymsLocation Attribute in Search.config

  4. Save and close Search.config.

    Note: When you publish the updated Synonyms.xml file, the Last Modified date triggers a reload action on InSite Search, so there is no need to re-index content, explicitly.