Creating a User

On the Users tab, administrators can add users to, and delete users from, a CMS site. Once added, the user must also be added to at least one group to gain access to the CMS site. On this tab, administrators can also view and configure user actions within the CMS.

Users Tab

The Info tab displays information about a user account. The User ID field and Integrated Account check box are disabled for existing users, but you can modify the values for User Name, Email, and Receive Workflow Notifications.

To create a user, click New User. Then configure the following values:

  • User ID: Windows Domain account (domain\username) or LDAP directory account name; once created, the User ID cannot be modified from this field.
  • User Name: Friendly name used to identify the user
  • Email: Email address used by the system to send email to the user
  • Receive Workflow Notifications: Notifies the user when a page with which the user is associated moves through workflow. The system must be configured to use a valid local or remote email SMTP server.
  • Integrated Account: Enables integrated authentication via a SQL Server database. When this box is checked, the Account Type, Password, and Confirm Password fields are displayed. To create a user with an integrated account, check Integrated Account and choose an account type and password for the user. After logging in, the new integrated user will be able to set a new password using the Change Password button on the top toolbar.
  • Member of: Lists the groups of which the selected user is a member. Add or remove the user from groups by dragging the groups between the Group Name pane and the Groups pane. You can limit the number of groups displayed in the Groups pane by filtering with the search field.
  • Effective Permissions: Shows which permission sets apply to a given user and which groups govern these permission sets.
  • Assignments: Displays pages assigned to the selected user. Clicking a page's name pins open the Users/Groups Manager. Right-clicking a page brings up a context menu with options to assign the page to another user or group.
  • Languages: A list of languages the user can read and write. Used in the WorldView Translation feature.

After configuring these values, click Save.

Note: The New User button is grayed out when a current user is selected. To create a new user if the button is grayed out, click Cancel. Then click New User again.