Opening the Sample DSS Preview Project

How to Open DSS Preview Projects | DSS_Preview contains a sample ASP.NET MVC solution that can be used for previewing content within the CMS UI and for testing of your solution.

Every installation of Ingeniux CMS includes a folder named DSS_Preview. This folder contains a sample ASP.NET MVC solution that can be used for previewing content within the CMS UI (i.e, Site > Preview tab) and for testing of your solution. In most development scenarios, you will deploy this sample solution to staging and live DSS instances once it has been developed and tested within the CMS.

Note: For ASP.NET development, you must install an appropriate integrated development environment (IDE). Typically, .NET developers use Visual Studio. To install Visual Studio, see Install Visual Studio 2017.

To open a DSS preview project:

  1. Navigate to the DSS_Preview folder within the Ingeniux CMS installation (e.g., C:\[path-to-cms-site-instance]\DSS_Preview).
  2. In DSS_Preview, double-click the file named Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance.csproj. Assuming you have installed Visual Studio (VS), the project displays in the Solution Explorer.
    • App_Code\_Helpers.cshtml – Defines custom HTML helpers that can be used across view templates in the project. An HTML helper is a method that returns a string. HTML helpers can be used to generate HTML elements. The CMS sample project contains two custom helpers: RenderLink and RenderICEAttribute.
    • App_Data\ – Holds display data for mobile-optimized displays. The device library contains display information for thousands of devices. The library is updated automatically.
    • Content – Contains static files, such as images and style sheets. In the sample project, the Content folder contains the background image for the web site.
    • Controllers\CMSPageDefaultController.cs – The default controller and ancillary controllers for CMS pages.
    • Models – Contains the model classes for the project.
    • Scripts – Contains jQuery and JavaScript files for the project.
    • Views – This folder is holds view templates for the project.
    • *.asax files – Holds routing information for handling URL requests.
    • *.config files – Holds settings for the application.

    MVC Project in VS Solution Explorer

    Note: The sample MVC project contains base controller and model classes; however, the project doesn't include views, which must be developed to support page schemas specific to each CMS implementation.

Once you have opened the project in VS, you are ready to begin developing your MVC solution.

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