Removing DITA Content


Operating users with deletion permissions can directly remove DITA content items stored in the CMS Assets Manager via the Oxygen Desktop Plugin. When users remove am item, that item moves to the Recycle Folder in the CMS Assets Manager. The system doesn't delete recycled items permanently unless operating users or other users empty the Recycle Folder or delete the individual items in the Recycle Folder.
Version Notes: CMS 10.6
Users can only delete content items in CMS 10.6 DITA collections if no DITA content references them. See Deleting Assets from DITA Collections for details.
To remove a CMS DITA content item via the Oxygen XML Editor plugin:
  1. Open the Oxygen XML Editor application.
  2. Navigate to a checked-out item assigned to you in the main pane Editor area.
    An unlock icon displays next to checked-out items assigned to you in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tree. If you hover over a checked-out items, the tooltip text displays Checked Out and assigned to [name-of-operating-cms-user].
  3. Right-click the item in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab, and select Remove (or press CTRL+Shift+Delete).
    The Remove document dialog displays.

    Remove DITA Document Asset

  4. Select Remove.
    The system moves the item to the Recycle Folder in the CMS Assets Manager.

    Remove Document Dialog