Creating Text Assets

Prerequisites: Asset folders must exist within the Assets Tree to contain asset items. See Creating Asset Folders for details to add folders to the Assets Tree.

Users can create text assets directly in Assets Manager or upload text assets from their local file systems.
To create text assets:
  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.

    New > Asset in Assets Tree Context Menu

  2. Right-click the asset folder that contain the new asset, and select New > Asset.
    The Create New Asset dialog opens.
  3. Select an asset schema from the Select the type of Asset to create drop-down list that allows text-based editing.

    See Editing Assets for details about editable text-based schemas.

    Create New Asset Dialog

    The File and Type in options display.
  4. Choose one of the following steps.
    • Select the File option to upload a text asset from your local file system. See Uploading from Assets Tree for details about uploading assets from your local file system.

      The asset displays in the uploader area, and the asset's file name and extension populate the Asset Name field.

    • Select Type in to manually type in the text content of your new asset.

      Create New Asset Dialog

  5. Enter a name for the asset in the Asset Name field.
  6. If you selected the Type In option, provide the file extension type in the Extension field.
  7. Click Create Asset.
    The CMS uploads the asset to Assets Manager displays the asset in the Assets Tree.