Blocking Group Content Unit Access


Administrators can restrict groups from accessing individual presentation content units. If administrators configure Security for content units, then the system prevents members of blocked user groups from accessing and viewing the content unit in the CMS.

Keep the following in mind:
  • Members of blocked user groups maintain access to the content unit's built-in view via Assets\Views\Shared\Editable in Assets > Assets Tree.
  • The Administrators group, which is automatically generated during CMS site instance creation, has access to all content units and cannot be a blocked group.
To block specific user groups from accessing a presentation content unit:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Presentation Content Units.
    The Management screen displays.
  2. Select the content unit to edit from the Field Content Units tab or the Component Content Units tab.

    Select and Edit Content Unit

  3. Click Edit in the Actions menu.
    The Create/Edit screen displays.


  4. Click Security in the Content Unit Actions menu.
    The Select Blocked Groups dialog displays.

    Select Blocked Groups Dialog

  5. Optional: Use the following tools to filter user groups and display group details.
    • Select or clear the Show User Counts checkbox. If selected, the Users Count column displays in the Choose From and Blocked Groups lists.

      Version Notes: CMS 10.0–10.5
      This tool is only available in CMS 10.0–10.5.
    • Filter user groups in the Choose From list by entering the group name in the Filter field.
      Version Notes: CMS 10.6
      The Filter field accepts keywords in addition to group names in CMS 10.6.
  6. Select one more groups to block in the Choose From list, and choose one of the following steps.
    • Select the right arrow button Right Arrow Button to move the groups to the Blocked Groups list.
    • Drag the groups to the Blocked Groups list.
    To unblock groups, move the groups from the Blocked Groups list to the Choose From list. Drag the groups or click the left arrow button Left Arrow Button to move them.
  7. Optional: Use the up Up Arrow Button and down Up Arrow Button arrow buttons to reorder the groups in the Blocked Groups list as needed.
  8. Select OK to save your security changes in the dialog.
  9. Select Save in the Content Unit Actions menu to save the content unit.

    The CMS registers the user group security changes.

    Keep in mind that the Blocked Groups field displays the number of groups blocked from accessing the content unit in the top left corner of the Create/Edit screen. If unsaved Security changes exist, save the content unit. After you refresh the view, the Blocked Groups field displays the "blocked" count.

    Select Blocked Groups Dialog