Component Content Units

Like field content units, component content units are an integral part of Page Builder presentations. Each component content unit contains an embedded component schema. A component schema contains multiple fields that a CMS administrator built to achieve a particular purpose (e.g., navigation, block of content).

The utility of component schemas, as well as page and asset schemas, is that the same schema can be reused in multiple contexts. Similarly, component content units can be used in multiple presentation contexts when designing pages in Page Builder.

The process requires:

  1. Component in Schema Designer

    Component schemas (e.g., Feature Item) are built in Schema Designer. See Creating Component Schemas for details.

    Component in Schema Designer

  2. Component Content Unit in Presentation Content Units

    In Presentation Content Units, administrators embed the appropriate component schema in a content unit (e.g., Feature Item). See Creating Component Content Units for details.

    Component in Presentation Content Units

  3. Component Content Unit in Page Builder

    In the Design tab, content contributors drag content units into a design presentation layout. Access the units in the Design Presentation pane's Content Units accordion area. Clear the Field Units checkbox to display only component units. See Adding Content Units to Presentation for details.
    In the capture below, the Feature Item content unit is used in the layout.

    Component in Page Builder

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