Publishing DITA Content


Before publishing DITA assets, use these prerequisite checklists to ensure that Ingeniux CMS is set up properly:

  • Check General Publishing Prerequisites to be sure that all the steps have been completed to run a publish that does not include DITA, as these steps will need to be in place prior to publishing DITA assets.
    In particular, be sure that you have marked for publish and checked in all pages and assets you wish to publish.
  • Check DITA Publishing Prerequisites to be sure all DITA-specific publishing prerequisites are in place.

You can execute a publish from the DITA Map Manager, from the Site Tree via DITA aliases, or from the Assets Tree. The following set of steps describes the process of publishing DITA assets from Assets.

To publish DITA collections:
  1. Navigate to Assets.
  2. In the Asset Tree, select the DITA asset you wish to publish.

    Usually, you will select a DITA map for publishing, which includes its dependencies such as other DITA maps and topics. Later in the DITA publishing process, you can choose to publish the selected map, any ancestor map of the selected one, or all maps.

    You can also select for publish an individual DITA topic or a folder under DITA root containing DITA content items. In either case, Ingeniux CMS finds the parent map and any ancestor maps, so you can choose the starting point of the publishing process.

  3. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Right click the selected DITA content item. In the content menu, click Publish.
    • In the Assets toolbar, right click the Publish drop-down menu, then select This Asset.
    The Publish dialog displays.
  4. Optional: If you want to view the list of DITA content items that will be included in the publish under configuration before executing the publish, select Preview Publish - Gather information only.
  5. Choose one of the following steps:
    • In the Publishing Targets tab, select the appropriate publishing target(s) that will receive the generated content.
    • If an administrator has set up publishing profiles, select the Publishing Profiles tab, then select the appropriate profile(s) from the list.
      To learn more about publishing profiles and how to set them up, see Creating Publishing Profiles.
  6. Optional: If an administrator has configured replication and you wish the current publishing action to be replicated, enable the Perform Replication option.
  7. Choose one of the following actions:
    • Incremental Publish: Publishes only checked-in pages that meet the following criteria.
      • Marked for publish in the selected publishing target.
      • Modified since the most recent publish or contain modified dependencies since the most recent publish.
    • Full Publish: Publishes all items that are checked in and marked for publish, regardless of any changes made to these pages.
      A full publish should be used for large-scale updates and should not be conducted during peak business hours.
    The Configure DITA Publishing dialog displays. This dialog contains three configuration areas where you will set the 1) DITA map(s) that will proceed through the publishing process, 2) output types, and any 3) DITAVAL variations.
  8. To configure the DITA publishing dialog, see Configuring the DITA Publishing Dialog.