Writing HTML Cut-up for Page Builder

Ingeniux Page Builder offers 

Use a public responsive framework, namely, Bootstrap or Foundation. Standard supported frameworks include:

  • Bootstrap 3.x
  • Foundation 5
  • Bootstrap 2.x
  • Foundation 4

Each unique design or template should have a container. Typically, each of these containers is a

that is identified by a unique ID, not a class name. For example


instead of
. This
container should represent the area of the design that should be configurable with the drag and drop layout features of Page Builder. Only one of these containers is allowed per page design.


Don't define the design's grid layout using custom classes that incorporate the standard styles of standard responsive classes from the selected framework. For example, don't use a custom class called "3ColumnBlue" that has the CSS styling of Bootstrap "md-col-3". Instead, apply class="yourCustomStyles md-col-3" in the markup