Marking Assets for Publish

Marking assets for publish associates them with a specific publishing target or targets. Once marked, assets are published to these targets when your organization runs a publish.

Note: Modified content must be checked in prior to marking for publish.

To mark an asset for publish:

  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. Right-click an asset or folder in the Assets Tree.

    Note: To select multiple, adjacent assets in the Assets Tree, drag your mouse across the assets that you want to select. Otherwise, use Ctrl+click to form a group of selected assets, no matter if they are adjacent or not, to be marked for publish.

  3. Select Mark/Unmark for Publish. The Mark/Unmark assets for publish dialog displays.

    Note: If the item is a folder, then Mark/Unmark Descendant Assets for Publish displays instead of Mark/Unmark for Publish.

    Mark for Publish

  4. Select the checkbox(es) in the Marked for Publish column to associate the asset with one or multiple publishing targets.
  5. Select the appropriate version of the asset to apply in the Version to Publish column to your chosen publishing target.
  6. Click OK.