Adding Tables to the XHTML Editor

There may be times when a tabular arrangement of content is useful. For example, a table could be used to make data more readable. Using the XHTML Editor, you can insert a table into a page.

To insert a table:  

  1. Click Insert/Edit Table.

    The Insert/Edit Table dialog appears.

  2. Enter the number of columns and rows.
  3. Specify any additional options. (Table options are limited to those available in HTML.)
  4. Click Insert.

Unlike some other word-processing applications, the XHTML Editor does not support the use of the Tab key to move from cell to cell within a table. Use the left and right arrow keys instead.

Deleting Tables

To be deleted, a table has to be selected. Pressing the Tab key shifts focus from inside a cell to the whole table. Then press the Delete key.