Creating Pages from Content Creation Wizard


Use the Content Creation Wizard to create a page or component in the Site Tree structure based on a page creation rule (PCR). This page creation rule will specify the content item type, locations where the new item is allowed in the tree, and applicable workflows for the new item.

See Page Creation Rules for details about content rules and how users with permissions can create PCRs.

To create a content item with the Content Creation Wizard:
  1. Click the Content Creation icon Content Creation Wizard Icon, and then click the Site Tree icon in the Utility bar.
    The Content Creation Wizard displays in the main pane, and the Site Tree displays in the utility pane.
  2. Select the PCR in the Content Creation Wizard you want to use.
    • Click the Thumbnails button Thumbnails Button to display the thumbnails of PCRs. In the thumbnail view, the schema type displays under the PCR name.
    • Click the List button Thumbnails Button to display the PCRs in a sortable list. This list view indicates the name, content item type, schema type, and workflow of each PCR.
    • You can use the Filter drop-down menu to filter PCRs for pages or components, and you can use the Search field to search for individual PCRs.
  3. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Drag the PCR from the Content Creation Wizard to the folder, page, or component that will serve as the parent for the new content item in the Site Tree.

      Drag Content Creation Rule to Tree

      Your site administrator creates the PCR and, at the same time, sets up allowed parent content items. The PCR only associates with its designated parent.
    • Double-click the PCR.
  4. Enter the Name of your new content item in the dialog that displays, then click Create.
  5. If you double-clicked the PCR instead of dragging and dropping, choose the parent content item for your new item in the dialog that displays, then click OK.

The newly created content item displays in the Site Tree.