Performing a Replication

With replication enabled for a publishing target, a replication job happens automatically as part of a publish. But there may be times when you want to replicate files without publishing any content.

To perform a manual replication on a publishing target:

  1. Select a publishing target.
  2. Click New Publish.
  3. Select Replicate Only.
  4. Select a replication type: Standard or Clean.

Manual replication options are only available in this menu, and only for administrators. Also, they're only available when there is content in the publishing target folder and the publishing target has been published at least once.

The two replication types work as follows:

Standard: Only replicates files that have changed since the last replication. This replication type doesn't remove files. Thus, even after a full publish, files that haven't been deleted from the replication source are not deleted from the replication target.

Clean: Deletes everything from the target folder before starting replication. This essentially wipes out all metadata from the replication system. A clean replication is useful if, for example, IIS resets in the middle of replication and data is corrupted. By performing a clean replication, you ensure the integrity of all replicated files.