Creating PCRs

Prerequisites: See PCR Prerequisites for details.

Administrators can create page creation rules (PCRs) that specific groups and users can apply during content creation. Users can only apply each PCR under its associated parent pages.

To create a PCR:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Page Creation Rules.

    New Rule

  2. Click New Rule. The PCR creation page opens in the Info tab.

    PCR Info Tab

  3. Complete the following fields:
    NameDefines friendly name of the PCR.
    SchemaDefines page type used to create new pages from the PCR.
  4. Choose one or both of the following steps:
    • Add groups and users to the PCR.
      1. Click the Add Groups/Users plus (+) button to grant the user(s) or group(s) access to this PCR.

        Add Groups/Users to PCR

      2. Select the group(s) and user(s) in each tab and click Confirm Selection. Groups and users added to the table can use the PCR to create pages.

        Select Groups and/or Users Dialog

    • Remove groups and users from the PCR.
      1. Select the group(s) and user(s) in the Groups and Users that can use this rule... list. Use Ctrl+Click to multi-select list items.
      2. Click the Remove Groups/Users minus (-) button to revoke the user(s)' or group(s)' access to this PCR.
  5. Optional: Enter and select the workflow to associate with the new PCR in the Workflow field drop-down list.

    PCR Workflow and Advanced Settings

  6. Optional: Select the Advanced checkbox to display advanced PCR settings. Complete the following fields:
    Default Rule checkboxIf selected, displays PCR by default when applicable users and groups create the page.
    Automatically Select Parent Page Location for Page Creation checkboxIf selected, automatically chooses the parent page for the new page's location.
    Override StylesheetDefines stylesheet to apply to new pages created from this PCR.
  7. Optional: Add parent content items to the PCR. See Adding Parent Pages to PCRs for details.
    To make the PCR available to groups and users during content creation, the PCR requires at least one associated parent page. Users with permissions can associate PCRs with content items. See Page Creation Rule Contexts for details.
  8. Click Save.