Ancillary Navigation

The ancillary navigation contains links to the three ancillary sections of the application, located in the upper right-hand corner.

Ancillary Navigation

Go To

Clicking the magnifying glass icon Go To Icon opens the Go to field, which allows you to quickly jump to a piece of content. In previous versions, this would only find content that was in the Site Tree. As of Version 10.x, this now has a toggle to locate Assets as well as pages and components.

To perform a search, start typing the name of the piece of content you want to locate and select the item from the list. You will then be taken to that piece of content in the appropriate tree. You can also search by xID to quickly jump to one exact content item.

Keep in mind that this is a search for ID and Name values only. It does not search the rest of the content of an item.

Version Notes: CMS 10.5

If Go to returns content items that live in the Recycle Folder, those items display with strikethrough formatting in the results list.

Profile Options

Edit your Profile, Change Language, Change Password, and Sign Out options are in a drop-down menu under the profile icon on the application navigation bar.

This section includes:

  • Edit your Profile: Allows you to include information about yourself, which others working in the CMS can view. Also, you can personalize notification sounds and Dashboard features.
  • Change Language: Allows you to change from the default language to another one.
  • Change Password: Allows you to change your current password to another one.
  • Sign Out: Allows you to log out of the CMS.


Help content on the Support site is accessed through the help icon Help Icon within the ancillary navigation. Ingeniux CMS Help is accessible by all CMS users, while Online Support is only accessible by those who have credentials for login to the Ingeniux Support site.