Edit Modes

A new mode of viewing the edit form has been introduced in Ingeniux CMS 10.x. The mode gives an outline of the edit form to help you quickly find the fields you're looking for and skip the ones you don't need. In the drop-down list, you can select the Index View, Form View, or In-Context Edit View of the edit form.

Use the drop-down menu and toggle buttons at the top of the edit form to switch between the different views.

Edit Mode: ICE View

Note: In-Context Edit View is only available on Pages and is controlled within Administration > System Options.

Index View

Index view gives a table layout of the edit form.

Edit Tab: Index View

The first column gives a number to each item on the form, which can aid in communicating if there are similarly named items or an item is far down the form.

The second column displays icons that flag elements that are Required, Hidden, or Read-only.

Note: Administrators will be able to see what a user can work on without permissions to access Hidden or Read-only fields.

The final column displays the Icon and Field Label of the element.

To expand a form element:

  • Click the row in the outline.

Edit Tab: Expanded XHTML Editor

An expanded element displays Clear and Help Text icons in the field label row. Help Text displays under the icon when moused-over.

Edit Tab: Clear and Help Buttons

Fields that have been changed since the last save get flagged with the edit icon. Edit Icon .

Form View

Form view provides a more traditional view of the edit form. In this view, fields are always expanded and ready to click, which makes this form longer than Index View.

Form View

Help text icons are in the upper-right corner of each field.

Required fields are indicated in red. There is no indication of Read-only or Hidden fields.

In-Context Edit View

On pages with In-Context Editing (ICE) enabled you can enter In-Context Edit View. This view allows editing through the preview of a page.

ICE View

To edit in ICE mode:

  1. Hover over the content of the preview to highlight editable fields.

    ICE View

  2. Click the field content or the edit icon in the upper-right corner of the field.

    Add Content in ICE View

  3. Enter the desired content.
  4. Click the checkmark icon to commit changes or click the X icon cancel them.

    Note: Not all field types are editable in ICE, and developers need to enable the types that are.

Side by Side Views

In different views, you can toggle between Full and Side by Side, and Side By Side with In-Context Editing views. Side by Side view is the same when toggled from Index, Form, or In-Context Edit views. By default, when you enter Index or In-Context Edit view, it toggles to Full View. When you enter Form View, it toggles to Side by Side View.

To change the secondary view mode:

  • Click the toggle button on the label bar.

Side-by-Side View

To scroll down to a field in the Form View on the right:

  • Click an item in the Index outline on the left.