Authorization in Ingeniux CMS

About Authorization in Ingeniux CMS | Use authorization to define the actions users can perform.

Authorization defines the actions Ingeniux CMS users can perform in content areas. The process validates permissions and security access to CMS operations, objects, and areas and uses the following data to provide authorization:

  • User accounts: Unique accounts for each user of the CMS. Each account must match the account used for authentication. For example, if the user Duane Schrute uses the Windows domain account university\dschrute to authenticate, the Ingeniux account must also be university\dschrute.

  • User groups: Sets of users organized by function and assigned permissions to access content.

  • Group permissions: Permissions enable system actions by group. For example, an individual group may have permission to add a page type to workflow.

  • Node-level security: Security access settings define, by group, who may access and modify particular nodes in the Site Tree. Node-level access can inherit security settings from parent items.

  • Workflows Designer: Workflows define the way content items move from user to user in the CMS. Particular workflows may manage one type of content.

  • Page Creation Rules (PCRs): PCRs define the process of page creation. Each PCR binds to individual nodes in the Site Tree. These rules determine the following:

    • which groups can use each PCR.
    • schema used to create the pages.
    • stylesheets that the pages use.
    • where users can create pages in the tree structure.
    • which, if any, named workflows can include pages.
  • Node-level rules application: Rules define the PCRs that apply to individual nodes. Page creation rules can be inherited from parent nodes.

The CMS uses the following utilities to manage authorization:

  • Users/Groups Manager: Manages users, groups, and group permissions.
  • Page Properties dialog: Defines access to nodes in the Site Tree based on user groups and page creation rules. The Page Properties dialog provides access to the Page Creation Rules tab and the Page Security tab.
  • Workflow Designer: Manages workflows, which define how a page moves through the CMS from creation to publication.
  • Page Creation Rules Manager: Manages PCRs, which define the creation of new pages.

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