Uploading Views as Assets

To upload MVC views as managed assets:

  1. Navigate to your MVC views folder on your file system (e.g., [Drive]:\[Path-to-DSS-folder]\Views\[subfolder(s)-containing-views]) and note the subfolder structure within the Views folder.
  2. In the CMS, navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  3. If the Views folder doesn't already exist in the Assets Tree, create one. See Creating New Asset Folders for details.
  4. Within Views, create sub-folders that match those on disk.

    Note: Page-level view assets must be in the Views\CMSPageDefault folder (or a different folder if you use a customer controller). Partial view assets must be in the Views\Shared folder.

  5. Upload the MVC views to the appropriate folder(s). See Uploading Assets for details.

To edit MVC views in the Assets Tree, see Editing Text-Based Assets. To publish MVC views, see Publishing Assets.