Accessing Publishing Details

Prerequisites: See Publishing Prerequisites for details.

Users with permissions can access in-progress and recently completed publish and replication data in the Publishing view.
If users queue other publishing sessions behind the current session, the queue details display in the Pending view.
To access publishing data:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing Monitor > Publishing.
  2. View the following information:

    If the CMS has a publish session in progress, then Publishing to [name-of-publishing-target] displays. Select the drop-down arrow to display ongoing publish details.

    If pending publishes exist, select Details... to access them. See Accessing Pending Publishes for details.

    CMS 10.0-10.3 Publishing Area

    If the CMS has no publish in progress, then No Ongoing Publish displays.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.5+

    CMS 10.5+ increases the accuracy of progress bar percentages for active publishes and replications. The publish completion percentage displays next to Publishing to [name-of-publishing-target]. This version provides an enhanced visual graph of the active publish progress and includes the estimated date and time of completion.

    CMS 10.5 Publishing Area

    Post Processing
    Version Notes: CMS 10.6
    If CMS 10.6 has a post-publish processing session in progress, then Post Processing displays the ongoing post-publish processing status details.

    See Accessing DITA Publish and Preview Logs for details.

    CMS 10.6 Post Processing Section

    ReplicationIf the CMS has a replication session in progress, then Replicating to [name-of-publishing-target] displays the ongoing replication status details.

    Replication Area

    Recently CompletedRecently completed publishes and replications display the following data:
    • User who initiated the publish and replication.
    • Date and time of completion.
    • Total content items published.

    You can select View More... to display Ingeniux CMS publishing and replication logs. See Viewing Publishing Logs for details.

    Version Notes: CMS 10.6
    You can select DITA Logs to display logs for DITA publishes and previews in CMS 10.6. See Accessing DITA Publish and Preview Logs for details.

    Recently Completed Area