Accessing Publishing Details

Prerequisites: See Publishing Prerequisites for details.

Users with permissions can access in-progress and recently completed publish and replication data in the Publishing view.

Note: If users queue other publishing sessions behind the current session, the queue details display in the Pending view.

To access publishing data:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing Monitor > Publishing.
  2. View the following information:
    Data Description

    If the CMS has a publish session in progress, then Publishing to [name-of-publishing-target] displays. Select the drop-down arrow to display ongoing publish details.

    Note: If pending publishes exist, select Details... to access them. See Accessing Pending Publishes for details.

    CMS 10.0-10.3 Publishing Area

    If the CMS has no publish in progress, then No Ongoing Publish displays.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.5

    CMS 10.5 increased the accuracy of progress bar percentages for active publishes and replications. The publish completion percentage displays next to Publishing to [name-of-publishing-target]. This version provides an enhanced visual graph of the active publish progress and includes the estimated date and time of completion.

    CMS 10.5 Publishing Area

    Replication If the CMS has a replication session in progress, then Replicating to [name-of-publishing-target] displays with ongoing replication details.

    Replication Area

    Recently Completed Recently completed publishes and replications display the following data:
    • User who initiated the publish and replication.
    • Date and time of completion.
    • Total content items published.
    Tip: You can click View More... to display Ingeniux CMS publishing and replication logs. See Viewing Publishing Logs for details.

    Recently Completed Area