Working in the Edit Form

In Ingeniux CMS, the Edit Form is the area where authors, editors, and end users do the majority of their work. The following are its most important features.

Page properties: Provides essential details about the page, including its name, xID, schema, and the user to which it's assigned.

Elements: Elements are the building blocks of page content. Most pages on which end users work include the XHTML Editor element, the main text-editing form in Ingeniux CMS.

Tabs: Used to configure and view various aspects of a page. Which tabs a users see depends on their permissions.

  • Edit Form: The primary tab for editing content. Includes page properties and elements.
  • Page View: Opens a preview of what the page will look like once it's live. From here, users can edit a page in context and administrators and editors can use Page Builder to edit a page's layout.
  • Categorize: Accesses a page's taxonomy information.
  • History: Compares the current version of a page to previous versions and allows users to revert to those versions
  • XML: Displays page content as XML.
  • Analytics: Displays analytics information for the page.
  • Redirects: Lists any redirects as site has.