Using Spellcheck

The Ingeniux CMS employs an open-source spell-check system called NHunspell. It features customizable OpenOffice dictionaries, and many of the specialty dictionaries (including medical and legal dictionaries) are also available for free in a variety of languages.

To spell check a page:

  1. Open the edit form for the page you'd like to review if it's not already open.
  2. Click Spellcheck on the toolbar at the top of the CMS client. In all spell-check–enabled fields (text or HTML), red lines appear under misspelled words.

  3. For each misspelled word, you can:
    • choose a suggested replacement word.
    • add the word to the dictionary.
    • ignore the word.
    • ignore all instances of the word.
    • move to the next or previous misspelled word.

    Make a selection from the menu. The suggestion menu opens for the next misspelled word. To spell check a particular word, click it.

  4. When you're finished, click Done.