Creating Taxonomy Categories


Users with permissions can create taxonomy categories to associate with content items.

To create a taxonomy category:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Taxonomy.
  2. Ensure the appropriate language displays in the Language field. When you create the category, Ingeniux CMS saves the value as the category's original language.
    See Localizing Taxonomy for details about multi-lingual categories.
  3. Expand the appropriate categories. Hover over Taxonomy or an existing category to place the new category as a child.

    Additional Information
    You can establish a parent-child relationship to organize the category in the Taxonomy Tree. See Taxonomy for details about parent and child categories.

    Create Taxonomy Category

  4. Click the plus (+) button. The category's Information tab displays.
  5. Complete the following fields:
    Changes to the taxonomy category don't save automatically. If you navigate away from the category, you lose unsaved changes.
    Title (required)Category friendly name.
    DescriptionCategory details.
    Type NameCategory type. You can use this field to organize categories.
    External IDAdditional attribute that is analogous to a foreign key to an external system. The external ID links the CMS taxonomy to the external system.

    Save New Cateogry

  6. Click Save. The new category displays in the Taxonomy Tree. The category's Associations, Security, and Synonyms tabs display.

Next Steps: Choose one of the following optional steps.