Configuring Security for Child Categories


You can grant all or individual groups Full Access or Read-Only Access permissions to child taxonomy categories. Configure each child category to inherit its parent category's security settings or use its own.

To configure security for a child category:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Taxonomy.
  2. Select the child category within the Taxonomy Tree.

    Tip: Click the parent category arrow to expand children.

  3. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Select the Inherit security settings from parent category checkbox.

      Additional Info:

      The CMS selects the checkbox by default.

      If selected, the content item uses the parent category security settings. See Configuring Parent Category Security for details.

      Inherit Parent Category Security

    • Clear the Inherit security settings from parent category and then click OK in the confirmation dialog.

      Additional Info:

      If cleared, the child category uses its own security settings rather than its parent settings.

      For example, the parent category may grant groups full access while the child grants groups read-only access, and vice-versa. You can configure the child's security settings per group to be less restrictive, more restrictive, or equal to its parent security.

      1. Optional: Select the Everyone user group. Click Remove.

        Note: The Everyone user group overrides all other settings in Security.

        Remove Group from Security

      2. Click Add. The Select Access Groups dialog displays.

        Add Group(s) to Security

      3. Select groups to add. Use CTRL+Click to multi-select groups.
      4. Click OK. The selections display in the User Group list.

        Select Security Access Level

      5. Select one of the following options in each group's Security Access Level drop-down list.
        Option Description
        Full Access Grants users with appropriate group permissions to access and apply the category.
        Read-Only Grants users with appropriate group permissions to only view the category.
  4. Click Apply.