CMS 10.6 Asset Text Searches


  • CMS 10.6 must be installed. See CMS Statistics to check the site version.

CMS 10.6 provides full asset text search functionality. After configuration, users can access the utility bar search feature to run text queries on text-based assets (XML, HTML, CSS, markdown, etc.). Users can also access this feature via the Oxygen Desktop Plugin.

Asset text search functionality is disabled by default. When searching assets without this functionality enabled, utility search only indexes asset item titles. For users to run asset text searches, the CMS requires system administrators to configure the feature.

See CMS 10.6 Asset Text Search Configuration for details about asset text search configuration.

See Basic Search for details to search for assets. After the asset text feature is enabled, the system automatically includes asset text entries in the search index.

Asset Text Search Rankings

Similar to Site Tree content, utility search results display rankings for Assets Tree items. When asset text search functionality is enabled and users run searches on assets, the search results list displays text-based entries at the top. This behavior always occurs, no matter if pages and components are also included in the query.

See Asset Text Search Ranking Logic for details about the logic behind full asset text search rankings.