Asset Elements

The table below provides a list of asset elements that are available for use in the CMS.

TextPlain Text IconPlain TextContains only unformatted text. The Plain Text element is often used for titles, abstracts, captions, or contact information.
XHTML Editor IconXHTML EditorContains text that accepts formatting, hyperlinks, images, tables, and more. Typically used for the main body of a page to create formatted content.
FunctionalComponent IconComponentCreates a relationship between two nodes in the site tree. This element is a slot into which a component can be dropped for other pages to use.

Group Start Icon

Group End Icon

  • Group Start
  • Group End
Visually groups elements on Site > Edit tab. Typically used to group elements that are similar in nature, for example, event-related elements like Event Name, Event Date, and Event Location.
List IconListProvides end users the ability to add a variable number of additional sub-elements. Typically used when the number of desired items is unknown.
Date / TimeDate IconDateLets users select a date by way of a calendar date-picker interface. Date content is stored as server time with a GMT offset in UTC format.
Local Date IconLocal DateLets users select a date from a calendar date-picker interface. Local Date content is stored as YYYY-MM-DD and has no offset.
Local Time IconLocal TimeLets users select a time. Local time content is stored as HH:MM:SS and has no offset.
SelectionCheckbox IconCheckboxSelects a binary option such as yes/no or on/off. Typically used to turn on or off some function in the site or component.
Dropdown List IconDropdown ListProvides a drop-down list from which a single item can be selected from a predefined list of items. The source for the items in this list can be defined in the schema itself, or can be dynamically generated from nodes within the site tree.
Multi-Select Icon


  • Hard-coded choices
  • DbQuery
  • CMS node-set
  • External Scripting
Lets users select multiple choices from a list. The various versions of the Multi-Select element have the same editing interface, but differ on how the list of choices is assembled. The source for items in this list can be hard-coded in the schema, queried from a database, executed by a custom script, or dynamically generated from nodes in the Site Tree.

Refer to Element Attributes for Schema XML for an alphabetical listing of element types and their respective attributes.