Translate Tab


Complete the prerequisites to display this tab. The Translate tab allows users with the appropriate permissions and languages to translate content from one language to another.

Translate Tab

Master Pages

Master pages and folders identify the content's original language.

The master page content displays on the left side in the Translate tab. Translators can compare the master page read-only fields to the clone page content.

Clone Pages

Master and clone pages share mapped relationships. Clone pages serve as master page duplicates to translate content into other languages.

Clone pages contain the Translate tab. The tab displays only if the translator checks out the page and can write in the associated languages. The clone page content displays on the right side in the Translate tab.

Translators can enter the translated field values. If the master and clone pages use different schemas, the Translate tab content always associates with the clone page schema. If the translator saves the page, the translated values in the Translate tab display in the Edit tab and vice versa.

You may want to use translation workflows in conjunction with this tab. See WorldView Workflows for details.

You can view each page's language and master-clone associations in the Properties tab. See WorldView Properties for details.