Adding Parent Pages to PCRs

Prerequisites: See PCR Prerequisites for details.

Administrators can add parent pages to page creation rules (PCRs) in the Parent Pages tab of the Page Creation Rules Manager. Site Tree folders, pages, or components can server as parent pages.

By assigning parent pages to PCRs, administrators define places in the Site Tree where users can apply PCRs to create pages and components. For example, administrators can configure a PCR called Create a News Story with a folder called News Articles as its sole parent. The parent folder only allows certain content item types as children.

Users with appropriate PCR permissions in the Site Tree can add PCRs to individual content items. The content items become PCR parent pages. See PCR Contexts for details.
To add a parent page to a PCR:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Page Creation Rules.
  2. Select the appropriate rule from the Page Creation Rules list.
  3. Select the Parent Pages tab.

    Add Parent Page

  4. Click the Add a new parent page plus (+) button.
  5. In the search field that displays beneath the button, enter the title or xID of the parent page. The search engine displays possible matches in the search drop-down list.

    Add Parent Page Confirmation

  6. Select the appropriate parent page from the drop-down list.
  7. Click the Add the parent page checkmark () button.
  8. Select or clear the Parent Only checkbox.
    The Parent Only checkbox further restricts where users can apply the PCR. If selected, users can only create pages and components under the parent page itself. If cleared, users can apply the PCR to all descendants of the parent page.
  9. Click Save.
    Keep in mind that copying a parent page in the Site Tree associates the copied page to the source page's PCR.