Pre-Defined Reports

Predefined reports can be used as a starting point for creating customized reports. Reports use XPath to search page data located in the reference file (../site/App_Data/xml/reference.xml) and other XML files.

As such, to use the reports feature effectively, it's recommended that you have basic knowledge of XPath operators, expressions, and functions. For more on XPath syntax, refer to Microsoft's XPath resources.

The Reports Manager includes a number of standard queries by default. These queries perform common content searches, such as "Pages assigned to user or group."

To run a pre-defined report:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Reports.
  2. In the reports tree structure, select the report you want to view.

    Reports Tree

    These pre-defined reports can be found in all folders within the reports tree structure except for the Custom Reports folder. Many of the pre-defined reports require you to provide one or two parameters.
  3. Click the Get Results button. The query returns results within View Results.

    Get Results button