Cartella Overview

Built with Microsoft .NET MVC technology, Cartella empowers developers to create enterprise 2.0 web solutions and mesh social content with back-office applications. MVC redefines how .NET software can be developed and extended, making it web-friendly, customizable, and secure.

Cartella Home View

A Cartella site is a collection of web pages managed by an underlying database structure. Site content is organized into folios, with each folio containing modules for different types of folio items: blog posts, documents, images, surveys, and other content types. Folio items can be made visible to selected users, particular groups, or the entire community.

Pre-built templates and themes define the appearance of pages. The creator of a folio decides which modules to include and which user groups have permission to see and alter the contents.

Unlike many other software models, Cartella allows a broad set of possible roles for users and groups. Defined by an administrator, a role provides a combination of capabilities and permissions. Roles are assigned to groups, and a user—as a member of various groups—can have permissions combined from multiple roles. A user might be able to see only public items, items belonging to a particular folio, all items on the site, or various combinations of items.

Cartella unifies all aspects of enterprise collaboration into a single, easy-to-use format that frees users to concentrate on the content they want to share. Welcome to Cartella!